Katy Perry Has Now Sexually Assaulted Two Men, For Anyone Keeping Track
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Katy Perry Has Now Sexually Assaulted Two Men, For Anyone Keeping Track

She should be ashamed of herself.

Katy Perry Has Now Sexually Assaulted Two Men, For Anyone Keeping Track

Everyone can admit that American Idol has gone downhill since the beloved OG judges left us many years ago. Now we are faced with the new judges who oddly fit into the roles assigned by the originals and an odd new controversy.

Katy Perry kissed a 19 year-old contestant without his consent.

The video makes this seem to be a fun and light hearted situation, but let us take a moment to think about what could happen if the circumstances were different. Let's just switch the situation to if Perry were a man. Katy Perry is a 33 year-old woman and the contestant featured is Benjamin Glaze. He is 19 years-old in the segment.

Glaze spoke to Perry about how he had never had a first kiss before. She then saw this as an opportunity to kiss Glaze without asking. She event prompted him by asking for a kiss on the cheek.

So let's put this video into perspective and switch the roles, imagine it is the same time period, but Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson were to do this, especially in the light with the recent events of the #metoo movement at the end of 2017. This would mean backlash for American Idol as a whole and the judge who stole the show something from this boy, especially something considered to be so important.

The most important issue is that this is not the first time Perry has done something like this. At the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Perry grabbed the butt of 17 year-old Shawn Mendes.

Perry needs to take responsibility for what she has done. We all know that if she were a man, we would be hearing much more about what has been done and what will be done about it. As of right now, "American Idol" has done little to nothing regarding this issue. Perry has not even released an apology to Glaze.

The most important thing about this is that if Perry had been a man, this would have been a completely different situation. There is a stigma that surrounds women because for some reason people believe that women are not capable of committing sexual assault, which is extremely false. Just because men commit a larger percentage of this does not mean that women are incapable.

Katy Perry has committed two acts of sexual assault nearly a year apart and that is absolutely not okay.

I'll say it again.



If Katy Perry were a man, she would have been kicked off of the show after the backlash or the incident would have been covered up much better than it was.

To conclude:

Katy Perry is a bad person.

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