The fashion industry has been in mourning after the death of designer Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is best known for his work in the House of Chanel in Paris, France, and also for his work with Fendi. He was a creative director, artist, photographer, and an iconic name in fashion. He brought so much creativity, new ideas, and love to fashion. He was known for his stylish white hair and black sunglasses.

Karl's work in the House of Chanel will keep his legacy alive for decades to come. As creative director, he orchestrated looks for Chanel's fashion shows. His designs were youthful and innovative, allowing many others to be inspired by his creativity and raw talent. When he became the creative director of Chanel, he saved the brand and was able to not only turn it into a global empire, but he was able to influence the entire world of fashion. He was able to turn Chanel from a struggling brand to an empire worth an estimated 10 billion dollars. He worked with and inspired celebrities like Naomi Campbell, the Hadid's, Nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and many many more. His work as artistic director for Chanel for 35 years was able to redirect the brand into becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

His most notable accomplishments, in my opinion, are his eccentric and wonderful fashion shows. Karl was able to transform the Chanel catwalk into another world. He's included props such as a real iceberg (Chanel Fall/Winter 2010), a launching rocket ship that actually blasted off (Chanel Fall/Winter 2017/2018), and my favorite show ever in which Karl staged a feminist protest on the catwalk inside the Grand Palais (Chanel Spring/Summer 2015). These shows shock audiences all over the world and give them room to be inspired by the themes of these extravagant shows.

The House of Chanel will not be the same without Karl, but his legacy, talent, and love for fashion will be remembered by all.