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Karl Lagerfeld- Celebrating A Fashion Legend

Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld has passed away, here is my opinion on why his name will be forever remembered in the world of fashion.


The fashion industry has been in mourning after the death of designer Karl Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld is best known for his work in the House of Chanel in Paris, France, and also for his work with Fendi. He was a creative director, artist, photographer, and an iconic name in fashion. He brought so much creativity, new ideas, and love to fashion. He was known for his stylish white hair and black sunglasses.

Karl's work in the House of Chanel will keep his legacy alive for decades to come. As creative director, he orchestrated looks for Chanel's fashion shows. His designs were youthful and innovative, allowing many others to be inspired by his creativity and raw talent. When he became the creative director of Chanel, he saved the brand and was able to not only turn it into a global empire, but he was able to influence the entire world of fashion. He was able to turn Chanel from a struggling brand to an empire worth an estimated 10 billion dollars. He worked with and inspired celebrities like Naomi Campbell, the Hadid's, Nicole Kidman, Princess Diana, Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and many many more. His work as artistic director for Chanel for 35 years was able to redirect the brand into becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

His most notable accomplishments, in my opinion, are his eccentric and wonderful fashion shows. Karl was able to transform the Chanel catwalk into another world. He's included props such as a real iceberg (Chanel Fall/Winter 2010), a launching rocket ship that actually blasted off (Chanel Fall/Winter 2017/2018), and my favorite show ever in which Karl staged a feminist protest on the catwalk inside the Grand Palais (Chanel Spring/Summer 2015). These shows shock audiences all over the world and give them room to be inspired by the themes of these extravagant shows.

The House of Chanel will not be the same without Karl, but his legacy, talent, and love for fashion will be remembered by all.

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Procrastination Helped Me Get Better Grades

Procrastination helped saved me through certain times.


College has taught me some valuable lessons when it comes to trying to balance work, school, and social life. There has been plenty of times where I have fallen victim to not submitting a paper on time, or studying for a test late. Although procrastination is not the most efficient way to get your work done, I can attest to me getting some of my best grades through procrastination.

There will be days where the workload is too much, or you will be too lazy to want to do anything. That is okay. I am very good at getting my work done on time, but some days I want to relax my brain and take a break. As a college student naps are essential. Taking breaks throughout classes also help to give your mind some time is needed.

If you are someone like me, you take your work very seriously, and any grade lower than a B makes you feel a certain way. I know it makes me feel defeated when I get a bad grade, but if you cannot focus on your work correctly, it will be challenging to maintain your grades.

Procrastination is always seen as a bad thing just because most people want quality over quantity, and some are personally unable to produce good work with procrastination. I have been able to keep my good grades even with doing things that are time sensitive and maintained a good GPA. I'm not here to say that you should procrastinate because your grades will be immaculate. I'm saying it is not the end of the world if you have to take a breather from work which causes you to push back work.

I am a firm believer in saying that the work will always be there whether or not you do it on time. As long as you are in a good mental state and your grades are well a little procrastination won't hurt.

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You Know You're From Trumbull, CT When...

The best memories are made in this boring, little, Connecticut town.


1. The majority of places you will consider to eat at are in Fairfield or Westport... Colony, Shake Shack, Country Cow, Playa Bowls, BarTaco

2. But if you find yourself too lazy to get on 95 for food, Panchero's is the go-to... never Chipotle. If it is past midnight, the choice always comes down to the McDonalds in Monroe, where you are almost guaranteed to see a group of people you know, or Merritt Canteen.

3. Once you got your license, your Friday night plans consisted of picking up friends, driving up and down Main Street, and, somehow, always finding yourself at the THS parking lot seeing who's car is there because there is nothing better to do.

4. In the Fall, you couldn't wait for Friday so that after school you and half of your grade could walk to Plasko's Farm for ice cream and apple cider donuts... and hope you could get them before the owners would yell at you to leave. (This one only applies to Hillcrest Middle School kids, AKA the inferior middle school in town).

5. You couldn't wait to be a senior so you could officially lead the BLACK HOLE at football games... if you were even willing to go in the cold.

6. You looked forward to the annual Senior Scav, the last week of summer before your senior year where a list of tasks is passed down by the recently graduated class... the official kickoff to senior year.

7. You pass by Country Club Rd. and get flashbacks from the worst Cross Country practices ever. Driving up Daniels Farm Rd. in the Fall and Spring, you are conditioned to yell "hi" out the window to your friends at practice.

8. You knew someone who worked at Gene's gas station... and found yourself spending more time there on the weekends than you would like to admit.

9. You are convinced Melon-heads are real after frequenting Velvet St. to see the abandoned insane asylum with your friends, IF you didn't want to drive all the way up to Fairfield Hills in Newtown.

10. You have had/have been to at least one middle school birthday party at the Trumbull Marriott.

11. You know that the 25mph speed limit on Whitney Ave. is way too slow... and can't help but hit a little air going down the huge hill at the top.

12. The guy at Towne likely knows your name.

13. You never find yourself turning right out of THS... that side of town is irrelevant for those who do not live there.

14. You know to avoid the Merrit Parkway from 4:00-7:00pm at all costs.

15. You know more than you would like to about people you aren't even friends with... in a town so small, things get around very quick.

16. Going shopping really means going to Target, or any store in the mall, for the millionth time that week.

17. The marching band was the best in the state and you would see them practicing, literally, every time you drove by THS.

19. Depending on the side of town you lived, you spent a lot of time at Five Pennies Park or Indian Ledge Park.

20. You would say you couldn't wait to leave, but when you got to college, you find yourself excited to come back to your hometown so you can reminisce on old traditions and make new memories.

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