Should The Browns Have Signed Kareem Hunt?

Should The Browns Have Signed Kareem Hunt?

After getting released by the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this year, Kareem Hunt has now signed with the Cleveland Browns


Last Tuesday the Cleveland Browns decided to sign former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt to a one year deal. Hunt has been surrounded by controversy since being released from the Chiefs after discovering a video of Hunt getting into an altercation with a woman in a hotel on Nov. 30 which Chiefs co-owner and CEO Clark Hunt indicated in a statement that Hunt was not truthful about the incident. Regardless of these past events, the Browns felt as if Hunt had taken the necessary steps to redeem himself and prove he is worth giving a second chance.

There have been many who have spoken out against Hunt's signing saying how there should be a zero tolerance policy in the NFL for this kind of behavior which I think is a bit too far. Before I go any further I'll say this. No one in their right mind should ever lay their hands on a woman or any human for that matter in a hurtful manner. It's horrible and there should be serious consequences for it. But Hunt should not have the opportunity to make a living in his respected profession taken away from him. For me, Shannon Sharpe knocked this one on the head last year when Hunt was first released (Fast forward to the 10:00 minute mark or listen to the whole thing it's pretty good).

[BREAKING NEWS] Chiefs release Hunt was "not truthful" about February incident| Undisputed 12/3/2018 YouTube

Just because he plays in the NFL and a lot of people know about his case shouldn't mean that you get to stop working. Everyone should be held to the same standard because this is a society problem, not just an NFL problem. That being said I don't believe that Hunt will go off without any sort of suspension and that's something I do think should come his way.

Now I do believe that Hunt should get a second shot, but do I believe that the Browns are the right spot for him?

The Browns general manager John Dorsey was the one who drafted Hunt back when he was the Chiefs at the same position and that's about the only factor which makes sense in this signing. For the first time in what feels like a century, the Browns are poised to have success in the near future. They're young, talented and extremely likable and that last thing they need is more controversy. Hunt's signing could, in fact, alienate some of their fanbase and even worse some of the players in their locker room.

What's even more of a head-scratcher about this move is that Cleveland already has two good running backs. Duke Johnson Jr. has shown to be a solid running back and Nick Chubb who was drafted LAST YEAR has shown signs of greatness in his rookie year. Throw Hunt into the mix and the backfield has just become extremely crowded and could unsettle some players.

Hunt definitely should get a second chance at playing in the NFL, but in my opinion, the Browns aren't the right spot for him.

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5 Reasons Participation Trophies Shouldn't Be a Thing

Participating does not mean you deserved to be recognized

1. Who Learns By Winning All The Time?

Growing up, I know for a fact I learned a lot more from doing something wrong than when I did something right. In baseball, if you don’t get in front of the ball, odds are it’ll end up going right past you. The way I see it, life should be lived the same way. Sometimes life flies right past you. It takes some failures to realize that in order to keep moving forward, you have to stay in front, and take the challenge head on, no matter what it is. It took me a long time to learn that lesson. If it were not for failures, no one would know how to take challenges head on, much less want to. If no one ever failed, there would be no motivation to succeed. If everyone gets a participation trophy, no one learns any lessons.

2. Everyone Needs To Learn How To Lose

Losing is inevitable. Everyone loses at some point in their lives. What separates people is how they take those losses. We need to teach people how to take losses with honor and with humility. How do we expect to teach these qualities when children grow up believing they have always won, when they have always received a trophy no matter what place they came in. We may think that we are keeping kids from their feelings being hurt, but when does the real world ever care about peoples’ feelings? What we are really doing is telling kids that they will never lose. This only sets them up for greater failure down the road.

3. Since When Is Competition a Bad Thing?

Participation trophies eliminate any competition in sports. If everyone always wins, then they lose all motivation to get better. This is just another metaphor for life in the real world. Those who grow up receiving participation trophies their whole life, thinking they have never lost, believe they will magically get their dream job and dream life. In the real world, competition lies at every doorstep, and in many cases, there is only one winner, one person eligible for that dream job position. Those who have received participation trophies believe that they are entitled to that position and that is just simply not the case.

4. Many Want To Win, Few Put In The Work

I remember vividly the first time I did not receive a trophy after a season of playing soccer. It was my team’s end of the year party and the coach had finished the cliché speech on how he had a great time coaching our team and wishes us the best in the future. After the speech, everyone just started heading home. I immediately looked to my dad and asked where our trophies were. His response was very blunt; he told me in a laugh, “You have to win to get a trophy.” It was at this moment that I became one of the most competitive people I know. A lot of kids today are never taught this lesson. They believe that they can go through life being mediocre and still achieve everything they want. The few people who have put in the work to become winners and earn their trophy are the ones who end up succeeding in life. These are the same people who have also felt what it was like to lose. They have taken those losses and turned them into motivation in order to work harder and do what it takes to win. These people will always come out ahead of those who are happy to settle for participation. Now, what I have written may seem harsh, but I am not only writing about participation in sports. I am writing about settling with participation in life. If you want to succeed in life, you must not settle for mediocrity. You have to strive to better yourself every day. That is the difference in receiving a participation trophy and earning a winner’s trophy.

5. Sometimes, Life Just Isn’t Fair, and That Is Okay

Sometimes, even when you try your hardest, even when you take all the right steps, things just don’t go your way. Sometimes, you really do deserve that winner’s trophy and you just don’t get it. It is at these times when you have to keep pushing. The world does not give everyone an equal opportunity. Some people have to work much harder than others. However, The ones who work hardest, and continue to work harder, always end up where they want to be. The fact is though; no one is going to want to work hard if they are being rewarded for something below their best. No one will work their hardest if all their lives, they have been given a participation trophy.

Cover Image Credit: HBCU Sports

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Don't Count Out Gronk From Coming Back

While some may think Rob Gronkowski has hung up his cleats for good, I think he still has more left in the tank.


Rob Gronkowski, better known as "Gronk" former Patriots Tight End, announced his retirement at the end of this last season after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Gronk's agent, Drew Rosenhaus told Peter King that it wouldn't shock him if Gronkowski decided to come back before the year is over. We have been made aware that the wear and tear on Gronk's body has worn him down through the years. However, maybe after several months off for some R&R;, he might be persuaded to come back sometime during next season.

At 29 years old, Rob is still very young so it wouldn't be out of the question to rule out a return to the NFL entirely. If Tom Brady is struggling without his big target and expresses this to Gronk, it would be a real possibility he would return to help out his former teammates.

We have seen it been done before, football players coming back to the NFL after retiring. The most recent of examples is Jason Witten, the former Pro-Bowler announced earlier this year he is coming back to the NFL after spending 1 year on Monday Night Football as an analyst.

Another recent example is Marshawn Lynch, the running back retired at 29 years old which is longer than the usual shelf life of most running backs in the NFL. After retirement, he requested that the Seattle Seahawks trade his rights to the Raiders so he could come back to the NFL but with a new uniform.

Of course, Gronk is enjoying his retirement as of now, he definitely has the personality of the life of the party. It's not uncommon to see videos of him dancing of at parties on different platforms of social media.

While I don't like the Patriots, and how annoying it was to see Brady and Gronk march down the field, he was a top-tier athlete. Gronk made a great decision to go out after a Super Bowl win, and seeing his competitive nature, I don't think he would have it any other way. We will have to wait and see, but I think there is a real chance that we haven't seen the last of Gronk suiting up and taking the field.

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