Should The Browns Have Signed Kareem Hunt?

Last Tuesday the Cleveland Browns decided to sign former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt to a one year deal. Hunt has been surrounded by controversy since being released from the Chiefs after discovering a video of Hunt getting into an altercation with a woman in a hotel on Nov. 30 which Chiefs co-owner and CEO Clark Hunt indicated in a statement that Hunt was not truthful about the incident. Regardless of these past events, the Browns felt as if Hunt had taken the necessary steps to redeem himself and prove he is worth giving a second chance.

There have been many who have spoken out against Hunt's signing saying how there should be a zero tolerance policy in the NFL for this kind of behavior which I think is a bit too far. Before I go any further I'll say this. No one in their right mind should ever lay their hands on a woman or any human for that matter in a hurtful manner. It's horrible and there should be serious consequences for it. But Hunt should not have the opportunity to make a living in his respected profession taken away from him. For me, Shannon Sharpe knocked this one on the head last year when Hunt was first released (Fast forward to the 10:00 minute mark or listen to the whole thing it's pretty good).

[BREAKING NEWS] Chiefs release Hunt was "not truthful" about February incident| Undisputed 12/3/2018 YouTube

Just because he plays in the NFL and a lot of people know about his case shouldn't mean that you get to stop working. Everyone should be held to the same standard because this is a society problem, not just an NFL problem. That being said I don't believe that Hunt will go off without any sort of suspension and that's something I do think should come his way.

Now I do believe that Hunt should get a second shot, but do I believe that the Browns are the right spot for him?

The Browns general manager John Dorsey was the one who drafted Hunt back when he was the Chiefs at the same position and that's about the only factor which makes sense in this signing. For the first time in what feels like a century, the Browns are poised to have success in the near future. They're young, talented and extremely likable and that last thing they need is more controversy. Hunt's signing could, in fact, alienate some of their fanbase and even worse some of the players in their locker room.

What's even more of a head-scratcher about this move is that Cleveland already has two good running backs. Duke Johnson Jr. has shown to be a solid running back and Nick Chubb who was drafted LAST YEAR has shown signs of greatness in his rookie year. Throw Hunt into the mix and the backfield has just become extremely crowded and could unsettle some players.

Hunt definitely should get a second chance at playing in the NFL, but in my opinion, the Browns aren't the right spot for him.

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