Alright, Kim, first things first, I've been cracking down on you and your family for a few months now, but that's because I'm not only going to be a fan, I am going to be your harshest critic, so if I see something that you do or say that I don't agree with, best believe I'm going to speak on it. You've been circulating on my feed a lot in 2019 (mind you, we just started the year). You're a businesswoman and you support brands and companies and I admire that about you; however, for you to sue Missguided, a notable fast fashion brand that provides knock off leisure is a bit much, even for you. You didn't sue Fashion Nova for recreating the dress you wore to Kylie's 21st birthday and plenty of other instances where your looks have been copied. You even turned down $1M because a knock-off brand reached out to you so you could advertise their company, even though it was a knock-off of Yeezy's by Kanye; either way, you didn't sue those companies.

I bet it gets annoying to have big companies that let you wear their outfits before they drop the rest of the line or if something is made exclusively for you that you want smaller brands to not capitalize on that, but again Kim, you're a businesswoman and this is all business. Suing one fast fashion brand for $10M is absolutely ridiculous and it won't scare the others away, just saying. I expected you to sue other sites that "misappropriate" your name and likeness when you do it all the time. Remember the baby hair fiasco? How about the Fulani braids? No? Then here's all of the information you need to know what I'm talking about. Not to mention, this tweet sums up how ridiculous your lawsuit is.

I'm not going to advise you on what to do, but let me be blunt (as if I already haven't been): you are not the holy creator of everything and you do not own everything. Get off your high horse and let people live and work as you do. And next time you want to drag someone for appropriating your name and likeness, ask your glam team not to appropriate someone else's likeness, okay?