What Kamala Harris' VP Nomination Means For Women In 2020
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Kamala Harris' As Biden's VP Is The Best Thing To Happen For Women In 2020

This isn't just about a name on a ticket, it's about representation at the highest level.

Kamala Harris' As Biden's VP Is The Best Thing To Happen For Women In 2020

After months and months of speculation, Joe Biden officially announced his choice for vice president and running mate: the one and only Kamala Harris. Harris was on the shortlist floating around many media sites in the last few weeks, but no one knew exactly who Biden would pick — until Biden dropped the news practically everyone, whether they're a Biden supporter or not, was waiting for on pins and needles.

This is monumental, though, for more than just its newsworthy value that Biden has finally announced his vice president. See, before Harris' nomination only two women have been nominated to the vice president position in the two major parties, and no female has ever served in the position.

That's a problem.

Women are strong and capable, and they bring diverse opinions and perspectives to the table that men can't offer. This doesn't mean that men are wrong and women are right, but considering we live in a society made up of both males and females, it only seems practical to have women playing a role in the decision making in this country as well so that women feel heard by their own and trust their voices are brought to the table.

This isn't "playing the woman" card, it's simply a step in the right direction to more accurately represent the makeup of this country. If we live in such a wonderful country where we get to elect our officials, then women need to be on more ballets, they need to be given the opportunities to have their names put out there as well because a competent leader is a competent leader.


While I feel represented by men who hold similar views to me, I feel heard and understood by women who hold similar views to me.

Women have come so far in this country, but if we stall out on pushing for female representation in office then I fear we're never going to truly succeed because no one at the highest level understands what it's like to be a female.

Men don't understand the crippling fear that women can feel when they're alone at night.

Men don't understand the unique pressure on a female to choose between a family and a career because society still says we can't have both.

Men don't understand the fight that women, and especially women from minority backgrounds, have had to go through to get to this point.

They can speak up and say it's wrong, but they'll never truly understand. That's a big difference.

If Biden and Harris get elected in November, it'll be monumental for women to have a female in such a powerful position. Even if you don't agree with her politics at all, completely agree with her or fall somewhere in between, there's no denying that having a woman in power at that high of a level says something. It means something for every female in this country.

It means that we're not where we should be yet, but we're taking another step in the right direction. Remember, any step forward is still one more step on the road to equality.

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