Calling all Beliebers: JB announced he will FINALLY be releasing another album. It's time to take a trip back to middle school and fangirl all over again.

From "My World 2.0" to "Believe" to "Purpose," we've heard the voice of an angel and have been waiting patiently for more.

So break out your old Justin Bieber posters, and start listening to these iconic Justin Bieber throwbacks in preparation for what we've all been waiting for:

1. "One Time"

Me + this new album = makes my heart go knock knock.

2. "Favorite Girl" 

I always knew you were the best JB, you're always number one.

3. "One Less Lonely Girl"

"I can fix up your broken heart." He was hinting all the way back in 2009 that he wouldn't leave us hanging.

4. "Love Me"

I guess I'm just a sucker for JB's music.

5. "Baby"

Just shout whenever and JB will be there.

6. "Somebody to Love"

"For you I'd write a symphony." Isn't he just so sweet?

7. "Stuck In the Moment"

Wish I was stuck in the moment with JB.

8. "U Smile" 

This album is about to give me a permanent smile.

9. "Never Let You Go"

JB's like an angel that's going to come by and take me to heaven when he drops new music.

10. "Eenie Meenie"

Was I the only one that had a full on dance made for this song?

11. "Up"

We can go nowhere but up with some new music.

12. "That Should Be Me"

Honestly, I wouldn't mind being the one holding JB's hand.

13. "Kiss and Tell"

JB kept this album on the hush for too long, but I guess we can forgive him.

14. "All Around the World"

I'm sure people all around the world are just as excited as me.

15. "Boyfriend"

Can JB be my boyfriend? Please?

16. "As Long As You Love Me"

Don't stress, don't cry, we're finally getting more JB.

17. "Take You"

Why the hesitation? Can he just drop the album now?

18. "Right Here"

If JB wanted to colab with Drake again I would not be mad about it.

19. "Thought of You"

I'm in love with the thought of this album.

20. "Beauty and a Beat"

All I need is an album that can make my life complete.

21. "Maria"

Okay, I'm still shook about this song and the entire reasoning around it.

22. "Heartbreaker"

JB, you don't really know how I feel since you've been away.

23. "All That Matters"

In this moment, this new album is all that matters to me.

24. "Hold Tight"

I'm trying to hold tight but the anticipation is killing me.

25. "Confident"

Also would not be mad if JB wanted to colab with Chance The Rapper again.

26. "Recovery"

Never though I'd see JB's face on the cover of an album again.

27. "What Do You Mean?"

My exact question when anyone tells me they don't like Justin Bieber.

28. "Sorry"

I played this song on repeat for weeks, iconic.

29. "Love Yourself"

The ultimate diss track.

30. "Company"

This album is about to keep me company on long drives.

31. "No Sense"

Justin Bieber AND Travis Scott? What more could you ask for?

32. "The Feeling"

JB and Halsey both have the voices of angels, another iconic colab.

33. "Get Used To It"

I could get used to getting more JB music.

If you couldn't tell, I'm just a little bit excited. But I know all the other Beliebers out there are just as excited as me. Blast these amazing throwbacks, and soon we'll be blasting what I'm sure will be Justin Bieber's best album yet.