Just Wear What You Want, To Class Or To Anywhere

Just Wear What You Want, To Class Or To Anywhere

You shouldn't have to feel pressure to look perfect 24/7.


Comfort. Everyone craves it, so when you are dressing yourself in the morning, why should your mentality be different? Do what makes you happy and discount what everyone else thinks.

When I wake up in the morning and get my outfit ready; it really doesn't take me that long. I have a rotation of five sweatpants and some random T-shirts that were usually free. I'm not saying my look is a problem, in college and this wardrobe isn't unique, but when other girls think lesser on those who want to be comfortable is where see a problem.

There are so many societal pressures alongside the added pressures of school– so what does it matter what I look like? I'm comfortable beyond measure. When I graduate and enter the workforce, I won't have the pleasures of walking around in my favorite sweatpants. At this point, I don't know how to wear clothes apart of them– but that's something for future me to work out.

Life is too short to be overly consumed by appearance, especially when in college when appearance doesn't necessarily matter. So when you see online that wearing sweats, leggings or Nike shorts is unladylike– remind yourself that ultimately it doesn't matter what you're wearing to class.

Change your mentality and care about the moments. Because when you are creating your memories, you won't remember your outfit — unless it was show-stopping. Take the energy that you would use to create the perfect outfit to create perfect moments instead. Live in the moment and cherish the light around you and remember that life has so much more to celebrate than what you wore to your 8 a.m. class — you do you, boo.

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12 Things Only Low-Maintenance Girls Understand

I promise we aren’t lazy, just easy going.

Sometimes low-maintenance girls are looked at as lazy or sloppy. But in reality, I think low-maintenance girls are just so confident in who they are that putting in that extra effort isn't important to them.

Here are 12 things that only low-maintenance girls understand:

1. Leggings or sweat pants and a T-shirt is your normal everyday outfit

Why spend the day uncomfortable in some tight jeans or mini skirt when you can lounge around in some comfy clothes? We aren't here to impress anyone, we are just trying to sit back and chill.

2. Makeup is a special occasion

If you catch a low-maintenance girl with makeup on, take it as a compliment. We are trying to touch our face and rub our eyes as much as we'd like without makeup getting in the way. Not to mention, we wouldn't dare spend over $15 on some foundation.

3. We would rather stay in with a movie then go out for the evening

Something low-key and low stress always sounds better than spending the time, and the money, for a night out. I am perfectly content with taking advantage of my $7.99 monthly payment for Netflix.

4. You're always the first one ready

While your friends spend hours doing their hair, makeup and then finding the perfect outfit, you sit around and wait. Your 10 minutes thrown-together-look gives you time to nap while everyone else takes their sweet time.

5. When you say you "don't care what we do," you really don't care

Seriously, a date night off the McDonald's dollar menu is fine by me. I am not expecting you to wine and dine me on a big extravagant evening, I'm just trying to get a Big Mac in my mouth.

6. Your messy bun isn't a fashion statement, it's actually just your hairstyle

We aren't about to spend time curling or straightening our hair everyday. Every day is a good day to throw your hair up into a ponytail or bun.

7. The extent of your jewelry collection is one pair of earrings and maybe a necklace

Who needs more than one pair of earrings? Diamond studs match everything… right?

8. And your shoe collection is even smaller

Should I wear flip-flops or Converse?

9. Shopping isn't exactly your favorite thing to do

Who has patience for finding the perfect designer brands or finding the best fit? I am perfectly content with my T-shirts and leggings. One size fits all.

10. Your favorite gifts are the sentimental ones, not the expensive ones

A homemade card or a small gift that makes someone think of you is forever better and more meaningful than an expensive present. I don't want your money, I just want to know you thought of me.

11. You don't put in the effort to chase after a guy

I'm awesome and I know it. If a guy is worth it enough to be in my life, he can come after me. I am not down for any games or players. Just someone who embraces my low-maintenance qualities.

12. You are always the first person to help someone out

Giving your friends a ride or lending them two dollars isn't a huge deal. Just helping someone out gives you peace of mind. Everyone should have time to help a homie out.

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5 Things To Spruce Up Your Darty Outfit

#DartySzn is here.


Spring semester equals spring darties galore! Whether it's sunny or a wet day outside, bet prepared to look stylish AF.

Darties are literally day parties (it should be in a dictionary by now). Compared to sultry, sexy night party fits, darty outfits are a tad more casual, think of girl next door vibes. However, the atmosphere (you know, the weather and around the places you rage at) can get just as messy as night parties, so dress accordingly.

Now I got the 'how it works' out of the way, let's get to the fun part: spicing up the look.

1. Rain Booties

Seven7 Dover Rain Boot


And not just any rain boot, but rain booties are a TOTAL game-changer to your darty wardrobe. Look at it, stylish and functional, and in any color -- neutral or colors.

2. Colorful Sweatshirt

Cut And Sew Sweatshirt -SHEIN(SHEINSIDE) | Odyssey Articles | Pinterest | Fashion, Dress outfits and Sweatshirts


A colorful sweatshirt screams let's party while being the girl next door. SheIn has an infinite number of those for less that $30, so grab one.

3. Co-ord Set

A sweater co-ord set is comfy, but stylish enough to get a heap of compliments. If you like a good DIY, a needle, thread, scissors, and elastic are all you need to turn oversized tops into a cute outfit that doesn't need a trip to the store.

4. Funky Shades

SA106 Love Lip Shape Kiss Womens Sunglasses Red | Odyssey Articles | Pinterest


If your outfit is boring and needs something inexpensive to make it trendy: put some funky sunglasses on. It's gonna be sunny and you need eye protection. And they're good for pictures.

5. Colorful Eyeshadow

BH Cosmetics Take Me to Brazil Palette


This is not fashion related, but it's spring so a neutral look ain't cutting. Time to break out the colorful eye looks, cut creases, glitter, all that. This eyeshadow palette is inexpensive, colorful, and hella pigmented.

Trust me, you'll look so stylish at your next darty, so consider incorporating these into your look.

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