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17 Times Every College Student Has Encountered A 'JR Smith Moment'

We feel ya, LeBron.

jr smith lebron game 1

Literally, everyone is talking about the awkward, laughable, and cringe-y moment during the first game of the NBA finals. JR Smith, a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, passed the ball in the WRONG direction of the court. With only mere seconds left in the game, he failed to shoot or pass the ball to break the tie and win against the Golden State Warriors. To be completely honest, I'm not a huge sports fan, and even I screamed, noticing the huge blunder while watching game one.

Smith's teammate, the legendary LeBron James, certainly noticed.

Game 1 NBA Finals Blunder

This iconic picture of an extremely pissed LeBron is circling the Internet, and his expression is seriously #relatable. We can all imagine what he's thinking in that split second of frustration. In college, we experience moments that make us want to throw our hands up, scrunch our eyebrows and have that "are you freaking kidding me" look.

We understand your pain, LeBron. Here are 17 times every college student has encountered a JR Smith moment.

1. When you walk into class and someone is sitting in your unassigned assigned seat

2. When you're the only one working on the group project, and your classmates are ignoring the group chat

3. When you're looking hot at the club on a Thursday night, and your crush is looking at someone else

4. When your roommate continuously ignores the compiling dishes in the sink

5. When your professor hasn't said anything about homework at the end of class, but a classmate asks if there's an assignment due

6. When turnitin.com says your last name is plagiarism

7. When you pay thousands of dollars in tuition, but the roads on campus are still trash

8. When you pay thousands of dollars in tuition, but there is NOWHERE to park on campus

9. When you park in a faculty spot for 0.005 seconds, and Campus Parking gives you a ticket

10. When you email your professor in an elegant, structured, and professional manner, and they respond with "K- sent from my iPhone"

11. When your Uber driver charges you WAY too much for a two-minute ride to the nearest party

12. When your academic advisor informs you that you have to take a course COMPLETELY unrelated to your major in order to graduate

13. When you're completely broke but your friends plan on going out to a pricey dinner (because they know you don't have a backbone and that you will join them anyway)

14. When someone types on their Macbook too loudly in class

15. When your only friend in one of your classes decides to skip that day

16. When your friend continuously talks about Chad from Sigma Apple Pie (and you both know he's a player)

17. When the semester ends and your friends abandon you for three months

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