A Jonas Brothers Song For Every Day Of The Week

A Jonas Brothers Song For Every Day Of The Week

The best way to celebrate the Jonas Brothers' return.


Not sure if you've heard yet or not, but the Jonas brothers have gotten back together. Yes, that was sarcasm. The boys are everywhere and personally, I'm loving every moment of it. When I'm not spending my free time watching all of their interviews talking about the decision, the forthcoming documentary, or their new single, I'm probably listening to their music on repeat.

In honor of that, I've compiled a Jonas Brothers' song perfect for every day of the week.

1. Sunday - Sorry

Nothing like starting off the week having to apologize for the events of the weekend.

2. Monday - Paranoid

The lead single from the band's final album (pre-reunion) perfectly embodies those start of the work week stresses.

3. Tuesday - Hold On

Sometimes the second morning of the week is even harder than the first one after a nice relaxing weekend. Nothing better than a little motivation to keep going.

4. Wednesday - Lovebug

The beginning and end of this song help show some of the craziness that comes with the middle of the week. Everyone is starting to drop, but you also know it's only halfway over and you have to keep going. It can really make someone a little speechless, or even hopeless.

5. Thursday - Got Me Going Crazy

By Thursday the week's almost over and the anticipation for the weekend is driving everyone crazy.

6. Friday - BB Good

It's common knowledge that Friday night is date night, and this song literally starts with Joe telling you when he'll pick you up and where you're going. It's the perfect song to get you ready for your Friday night plans.

7. Saturday - Sucker

Let's face it, if there's any night you'll be dancing on top of cars and stumbling out of bars it will be a Saturday night. Not to mention with the whole Saturday is for the boy/girl mentality you're bound to be a sucker for your friends or significant other this night.

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