Unless you haven't been paying attention to social media, I'm sure you've heard about the Jonas Brothers reunion happening soon. The inner child in me is so excited that I just had to compile a playlist to listen to on repeat until some new music is release.

1. "Burnin' Up"

I mean, obviously I had to list this as number one.

2. "S.O.S."

Because SOS, they're getting back together!

3. "Year 3000"

Always a jam.

4. "Lovebug"

Such a sweet little song.

5. "When You Look Me In The Eyes"

Not their typical upbeat song, but it's still amazing!

6. "Hold On"


7. "Play My Music"

Throwback to the "Camp Rock" days.

8. "We Got The Party" (duet with Miley Cyrus)

And we can't forget the famous Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers episode and song.

9. "That's Just The Way We Roll"

SO catchy.

10. "Fly With Me"

I recently discovered this song, but it's great.

11. "Paranoid"

Another one I found after hearing about the reunion, but I definitely recommend listening to it if you've never heard it.

12. "Hey Baby"

Honestly a bop.

13. "LA Baby"

Because it's from their Disney Channel show and who didn't love that?

14. "Hey You"

Also just discovered this one, and it is another hit.

15. "Feelin' Alive"

I'm such a nerd that always thinks of One Direction's "Alive" when I hear this song.

16. "Drive"

Another catchy bop.

17. "Keep It Real"

Great song.

18. "BB Good"

This song just puts you in a good mood.

19. "Kids Of The Future"

Which is really just a remake of "Kids in America," but it's still a good song.

20. "Just Friends"

A jam.

21. "Pom Poms"

Honestly had never heard this song until like two days ago, but it's on my JoBro list now so.

22. "Got Me Going Crazy"

Another bop.