There is a lot of stigma around sororities and Greek life in general. People who aren't in a sorority tend to have a negative view of them, and honestly, I don't blame them. From the outside, it looks like we're a bunch of girls paying to have friends....which is true. But sororities give you so much more than just friendship. The number of things I've learned, been taught and gained from joining a sorority is so much more than I ever knew.

When I first thought about rushing a sorority, I was a bit nervous. I felt like it was weird to basically speed date a bunch of girls for two weeks and somehow find a place where I "belonged." However, I did girl flirt, and oh did the awkward process pay off. When I first joined my sorority, I really had no idea that I would end up calling these girls my best friends. I had no idea that I would have endless mentors, tutors, leadership opportunities or friends to volunteer with.

So, yes, I pay for much more than just friendship.

If I'm lost in a class or don't understand the material, I can almost always find someone who has taken it before and is willing to help me. If I can't immediately find someone to help me, I can always turn to someone at our study tables to teach me the material. I strive to keep my GPA up because our sorority gives out rewards when you do. I constantly have a support system that wants to see me succeed almost more than I want to see myself succeed.

So yes, I pay for much more than just friendship.

I give back. As a sorority member, you are asked to do community outreach and gain volunteer hours. If I didn't have the push to be a good citizen, then I'm not sure if I would always find the time to do so. But, with the help of my friends, we can volunteer together, and it instantly becomes even more rewarding. I feel like I'm a part of something so much bigger when I get to help raise money for a cause so dear to me and my friends' hearts.

So, yes, I pay for much more than just friendship.

I joined clubs. Sometimes it's hard to fit extracurriculars into your schedule. But when your friends are passionate about something like the environment, then you automatically find yourself passionate about it too. I can thank my sorority for sparking an interest in me that I didn't know was there.

So, thanks to my friends, I'm active outside of just my sorority and schoolwork.

I don't think that everyone needs to take part in Greek life because it isn't for everyone. But I do think that people look at it superficially instead of just trying to really understand what they're like. I have gained amazing friends, but I've also gained experience that I can use on not only my resume but in life. I'm more of a well-rounded student and person thanks to my sorority.