Joining A Sorority Changed My Life

At the University of Arkansas, Greek life is a huge deal. This summer I went through formal recruitment or as everyone says, "rush". Going through rush was one of the most unforgettable weeks because, at the end of all the chaos, I received a bid from the greatest sorority I could have ever chosen.

Getting a bid from Delta Delta Delta has been one of the most rewarding opportunities I have ever received. I don't want to sound like a stereotypical sorority girl, but being in Tri Delt is so much more than going to functions and wearing cute t-shirts two sizes too big. Being in a sorority has taught me many life skills and has already given me amazing friendships that I know will last for multiple years to come.

Without even realizing it, I have learned that Tri Delta has taught me how to be my own person. I do not feel the need to be someone that I am not. I am much more independent than I used to be back in high school. I usually saw myself as more of a follower, but ever since I have been in Tri delta I have grown more into becoming a leader. Holding any type of leadership position never crossed my mind until my sorority urged us to be the best we could be. I know want to be put up to the challenge of trying new things and get more involved around the university. I am always striving to make an impact in other peoples lives which I did not have the drive for before.

In Delta Delta Delta you are constantly surrounded by sisters that want nothing but the best for you. They make it very easy to reach out to them for any kind of problem I may encounter. I was originally the type of person that would never take action about a problem I have been having, however, Tri Delta makes me feel welcoming and I am never afraid to tell someone what is going on. People always ask me how I am enjoying my sorority and I never have any complaints because I have received such positive life changes and have had so many rewarding opportunities that I would not have been able to receive if it wasn't for joining a sorority.

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