7 Reasons Joey Tribbiani Is Basically Just You On Your Period

7 Reasons Joey Tribbiani Is Basically Just You On Your Period

From his eating habits to his occasional need for emotional support.


Everyone loves Joey Tribbiani.

He's the lovable goofball we all need in our lives. And if you're a true "Friends" fan, you know that there are a few personality traits that are "classic Joey," some of which might remind you of yourself during a certain time of the month.

From his eating habits to his occasional need for emotional support.

Actually, if you think about it, you may share more with the Doctor Drake Ramoray actor than you previously thought.

1. He eats constantly.


Give me cheese. ALL of the cheese. And chocolate. ALL of the chocolate.

2. He's Sensitive


Joey is an emotional person. He feels things strongly, which is why we love him.

And though it is often an exaggerated stereotype used in society, and symptoms vary for every woman, when you're on your period, you are more prone to reacting to things emotionally.

3. He feels bloated on occasion.


Ugh. We all know that feeling.

4. He needs a nap.


Or coffee.

5. He's sexually charged.


You know it's true.

6. He can be unreasonable.


I don't know about you, but I can be pretty stubborn when I'm on my period.

7. He just needs a hug.


And sometimes, you just need some support from those you love.

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A Love Letter To The Girl Who Cares Too Much About Everyone But Herself

You, the girl with a heart full of love and no place big enough to store it all.


Our generation is so caught up in this notion that it's "cool" not to care about anything or anyone. I know you've tried to do just that.

I'm sure there was a brief moment where you genuinely believed you were capable of not caring, especially since you convinced everyone around you that you didn't. But that just isn't true, is it? Don't be ashamed of this, don't let anyone ridicule you for having emotions.

After everything life has put you through, you have still remained soft.

This is what makes you, you. This is what makes you beautiful. You care so deeply and love so boldly and it is incredible, never let the world take this from you.

Have Your Voice Heard: Become an Odyssey Creator

You are the girl who will give and give and give until you have absolutely nothing left. Some may see this as a weakness, an inconvenience, the perfect excuse to walk all over you. I know you try to make sense of it all, why someone you cared so much about would treat you the way they did.

You'll make excuses for them, rationalize it and turn it all around on yourself.

You'll tell yourself that maybe just maybe they will change even though you know deep down they won't. You gave them everything you had and it still feels as if they took it all and ran. When this happens, remind yourself that you are not a reflection of those who cannot love you. The way that people treat you does not define who you are. Tell yourself this every day, over and over until it sticks. Remind yourself that you are gold, darling, and sometimes they will prefer silver and that is OK.

I know you feel guilty when you have to say no to something, I know you feel like you are letting everyone you love down when you do. Listen to me, it is not your responsibility to tend to everyone else's feelings all the time. By all means, treat their feelings with care, but remember it is not the end of the world when you cannot help them right away.

Remember that it is OK to say no.

You don't have to take care of everyone else all the time. Sometimes it's OK to say no to lunch with your friends and just stay home in bed to watch Netflix when you need a minute for yourself. I know sometimes this is much easier said than done because you are worried about letting other people down, but please give it a try.

With all of this, please remember that you matter. Do not be afraid to take a step back and focus on yourself. You owe yourself the same kind of love and patience and kindness and everything that you have given everyone else. It is OK to think about and put yourself first. Do not feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You are so incredibly loved even when it doesn't feel like it, please always remember that. You cannot fill others up when your own cup is empty. Take care of yourself.

Cover Image Credit: Charcoal Alley

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Sierra Burgess Really Is A Loser

The title of the film is very fitting...


By now, you've probably heard about the popular Netflix Movie Sierra Burgess is Loser. With the titular character being the star Shannon Purser, who played Barb in Stranger Things and Noah Centineo as the love interest, who we know as the heartthrob from To All the Boys I Loved Before.

A loose modern-day adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac, Sierra Burgess is accidentally texted by Jamey (Noah Centineo). Jamey believes he is actually texting popular cheerleader Veronica (Kristine Froseth) because she gives him Sierra's number claiming it is her own as a prank.

Eventually, Sierra begins to fall for him all this while pretending to be Veronica and cuts a deal with Veronica where she helps Veronica study in exchange for helping Sierra maintain this illusion.

Sierra is given multiple opportunities throughout the movie to do the right thing and tell Jamey the truth, but she never does- going as far as to pretend to be deaf so she can avoid speaking to him and having Veronica close his eyes so she can kiss him, pretending she is Veronica.

Eventually, to help Sierra maintain the illusion, Veronica accidentally kisses him. To get 'revenge', Sierra humiliates Veronica in front of the entire school by hacking into her Instagram and posting about how she got dumped on the Jumbotron during a football game.

Let's get this clear- I, who have personally never 100% fit society's standard of beauty, can understand how Sierra feels to an extent. That being said, nothing about Sierra's self-esteem can excuse her behavior whatsoever. Catfishing is, in no situation, acceptable- and it's ridiculous that both Veronica and Jamey forgave her that easily. And it is never, ever, ok to kiss someone without their consent.

In fact, Sierra didn't even properly apologize to either of those people- her so-called 'apology' was just writing another self-pity song, trying to justify her actions.

Not only that, but she was under appreciative of her best friend Dan (RJ Cyler), who is arguably the most likable character in the entire movie.

That being said, there are a few positive qualities about this movie that doesn't redeem the negative parts but should be mentioned in the article to be fair.

The song that Sierra composed, 'Sunflower', was a good song. Many people, including me, can relate to the lyrics.

I also like the fact that the 'mean girl', Veronica, was fleshed out. She was extremely unsympathetic in the beginning, but then she grew to like and appreciate Sierra. Also, I like how her family life and problems are fleshed out and although it definitely doesn't justify her behavior, it helps explain some of it.
All in all, I wouldn't recommend this movie because I find the main character highly unlikable, but that's just my opinion. I guess you'd just have to watch it and judge for yourself if you agree.


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