Eight Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Have With A Nursing Degree
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Eight Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Have With A Nursing Degree

You don't always have to work in a hospital.

Eight Jobs You Didn't Know You Could Have With A Nursing Degree

So you want to be a nurse? After sorting through all the endless possible majors and career choices, you’ve settled on a pretty good one! I’m guessing that when you decided that nursing would be the career for you, you imagined yourself working long hours in a hospital. Or maybe you imagined yourself working in a doctor’s office with patients of all ages.

While those types of nurses do make up a large portion of the nursing population, there certainly are other nursing jobs out there. In fact, you may be surprised to know that there are hundreds of different options to look into when you graduate. If you are a nursing major and already have a pretty good idea about what you want to do when you graduate, then congrats! But if you simply have no idea yet, here are a list of eight unusual nursing jobs to get you thinking.

1. Nurse Researcher
If you like the science aspect of nursing, this job is for you. Nurse researchers conduct scientific studies and report their findings on health-related topics. These studies can be on a wide range of topics such as how to better improve healthcare services or how to provide the best care for patients nearing the end of life. They often partner with scientists to expand the knowledge base in their certain field. Nurse researchers can work in laboratories, on college campuses, or they can be hired by private companies.

To learn more about nurse researchers, click here.

2. On-Site Nurse
On-site nurses can work just about anywhere. They provide general medical attention anywhere from cruise ships, zoos and beaches to camps and national parks. Most of these nurses are hired by private companies.

To learn more about on-site nurses, click here.

3. Nurse Case Manager
These nurses work specifically with a certain patient or a certain group of people. Their goal is to provide long-term care and keep their patients healthy and out of the hospital. They choose to work with a certain group of patients such as those with HIV/AIDS or cancer. They also work closely with insurance agencies to make sure that their patients have the best possible coverage at an appropriate cost.

To learn more about nurse case managers, click here.

4. Flight Nurse
Sometimes, due to the condition of their injuries or their remote location, patients need to be airlifted to different facilities. Flight nurses are trained to provide special medical attention during transportation of the patient. These patients most likely need emergency medical attention, so flight nurses have to be prepared for anything. They also need to have some background in aviation. Many flight nurses also work with the military.

To learn more about flight nurses, click here.

5. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC)
CLNCs consult with attorneys on specific cases. They must be registered nurses and also must have special legal nurse consultant training. CLNCs use their medical knowledge to help the attorney with a variety of issues such as interpreting medical records, identifying possible defendants or interviewing the plaintiff and defense clients.

To learn more about certified legal nurse consultants, click here.

6. Forensic Nurse
Forensic nurses help investigate certain crimes such as sexual assault and accidental death. They are specially trained to perform medical tasks in order to find information that would further the case. Some of their tasks include taking blood samples, taking pictures and measurements of the wounds and providing support to the victim and their family. Most of their time will be spent in the emergency room at a hospital.

To learn more about forensic nurses, click here.

7. Nurse Writer
Nurse writers can do a variety of things. They can write nursing school textbooks, medical articles and books about historically significant nurses. They can even write scripts for television shows or movies revolving around medical practice. Nurse writers can work from home, at hospitals or for certain publication companies.

To learn more about nurse writers, click here.

8. Blood Bank Nurse
If you’ve ever donated blood then you know what a blood bank nurse is. You may not have known, however, that blood bank nurses need to be specially trained for that position. They have to know how to take blood safely and must be prepared for medical emergencies if there are any during the process. They can also work in laboratories to perform tests on the blood.

To learn more about Blood Bank Nurses, click here.

As you can see, a nursing degree can lead to many diverse job opportunities. These are only a handful of the unique nursing jobs out there. If you’re interested in nursing, then you should do some research! Find out about all the different options and from there you can narrow it down to find a job that you will truly love.

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