Future graduates or students, you may currently be on the job hunt at the moment. With the job hunt, it may entail going through an interview process for the managers to get to know you better and see who you are as a person and what you could bring to their companies. I understand that, yes interviews can be scary as no matter how much you prepare you never know what types of questions will be asked or what they may want as an answer for a hypothetical question. With that being a worry, you may want to see a familiar face during the interview to help with the potential fears so you are more confident in your answers.

But that doesn't mean that you can bring your parent to the interview though. Yes, that does happen, and I don't mean their parents just drove them to their interview location. I mean the parent actually went in and tried to sit in during the interview. According to an article that Dave Ramsey read, a mother actually tried to do the interview herself for her child because of a scheduling conflict with her child.

Before a light bulb turns on in your head about how this is the solution a potentially scary situation. Let me just say this…


This does not make you look good to a potential employer at all. To them, it seems like you can't be independent and will need someone to be with you for any work you may do. So, don't do it especially if this is the company you want to work for.

Before you think this means you can't have your parents drive you to the interview that's not true. You can have them drive you if you must either because you can't borrow the car or may not have your license. Just ask them politely to either wait outside or tell them you will call when the interview is over so they can run some errands while you are inside.