Jesus-Centered Lyrics From Twenty One Pilots 'Trench'
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The 7 Most Jesus-Centered Lyrics From Twenty One Pilots' 'Trench'

Don't be fooled: "Trench" is declaring the Gospel through and through!

The 7 Most Jesus-Centered Lyrics From Twenty One Pilots' 'Trench'

It's been one month since Twenty One Pilots dropped their best-received album to date: "Trench". At the heartbeat of the album's story is, like any Twenty One Pilots album, their love for Jesus. (The "thank you's" section of the lyric booklet even addresses this, as the duo thank God for "sending His Son, and guiding this band's story from the start".)

In particular, here are the seven best lyrics from the album that displays how much Tyler and Josh (the masterminds behind the music) talk about their faith!

1. "And though I feed on things that fell: you could learn to Levitate with just a little help." - Levitate. 

twentyonepilots / Instagram

Though Tyler recognizes his own depravity, he recognizes that, like a vulture, he still has the choice to seek Jesus, to rise and "Levitate" above the fallen things of this world (as well as jump over seriously, the dude has mad hops).

2. "For if and when we go Above the question still remains: are we still in love and is it possible we'll feel the same?" - Morph. 

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Tyler recognizes the inevitability of death, and proposes that we can choose to trust in God, who promises us Eternal Life...but Tyler also questions that "if" that happens, will that necessarily fix and change us, restore us to be without our insecurities and fears? While the obvious answer may be yes, "Trench" deals with a narrator who is ruled by insecurities, with their shadows and presence haunting him at every turn.

3. "It helps to hear these words bounce off of You. The softest echo could be enough for me to make it through." - Bandito. 

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At the climax of the album, Tyler is welcomed into the community of the banditos: those who are trying to escape the city of DEMA, where evil rulers force them to worship man-made light, and where citizens' only purpose is to die and feed the vultures sitting along the outer structures of the city. But in embarking on his journey to escape, Tyler takes comfort in praying to God, that even the softest sound of God's voice and presence could be enough for him to let go of his insecurities and fears, to not be ruled by them.

4. "No, no: we not just graffiti on a passing train." - Levitate. 

twentyonepilots / Instagram

All I can do is link you to this brilliant interpretation of the lyrics from a Reddit user. Essentially: Twenty One Pilots aren't just going to declare their love for God and then not live it out, and let their insecurities, fears, and ultimately death drive away their faith. The boys are here to be a living representation of His Love and conquer evil.

5. "Jumpsuit, jumpsuit, cover me" - Jumpsuit. 

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Look past the narrative surface of a character needing a jumpsuit, and you see the Truth in this lyric: Tyler is crying out for and relying on protection that is not of or from himself, in order to protect him from evil.

6. "I'm tired of tending to this Fire" - Leave the City. 

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In a recent interview, Tyler confirmed that Leave the City is very much about his struggle with his faith and beliefs as a Christian. But though he may feel far from fully experiencing God's presence, he knows that in "trench," or in his personal wilderness and wanderings in his faith, he is not alone.

7. "I'm so sorry I forgot You. Let me catch You up to speed: I have been tested like the ends of a weathered flag that's by the sea. Can You build my house with pieces? I am just a chemical." - Chlorine. 

twentyonepilots / Instagram

Not only is this one of the most beautiful moments of the album based on the melody and composition alone, but these lyrics are one of the few moments where Tyler breaks away from the narrative of the album (which he loves to do) to sneak in humble vignettes of where he is at spiritually. He wishes to confess just how beaten down he feels and desires to hand that over to God, to trust Him in building his life and faith.

"Trench" is a beautiful reflection on faith and insecurity. As a songwriter, Tyler Joseph (and brilliant co-writer, Paul Meany) strive to be open and vulnerable about their journey as Christians. May their journey be an invitation for you to adventure into "Trench," too!

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