Hey, Netflix, There’s More To Jesus Than Arguing About His Sexuality

Hey, Netflix, There’s More To Jesus Than Arguing About His Sexuality

Focus on your own journey and let people believe whatever they want to.

The past few days all I have seen is the world arguing over the two controversial movies on Netflix that are about Jesus. The first one depicts a gay Jesus trying to introduce his boyfriend to his family, and the other depicts Jesus as an alcoholic drinking with his disciples. This is a very sensitive topic, especially for Christians because of the kind of beliefs they have towards the issues regarding homosexuality and the drinking of alcohol.

The movie, "The First Temptation of Christ," has me wondering about the reasons behind the outrage towards the release of these movies.

If the reason for the backlash is because the writers of the movie decided to assign sexuality to Jesus for the sake of humor, then I can understand why there would be uproar. The son of God no longer becomes the divine sovereign ruler over the world, instead, he becomes something which any and everyone can make fun of. This reason makes a lot of sense if that is why Christians are angry about the movie.

On the other hand, if the reason for the outburst is because they made Jesus gay, instead of straight, then that reason in itself is homophobic and it shows Christians in the wrong light. There's nowhere in the bible where Jesus' sexuality is named. He transcends sexuality and race, which means that he is for everyone, whether gay, straight, black, white, old, or young. Anyone is supposed to be loved by him. He also created human in his image, Christians represent him because he is in them and it applies to everything about them too. We do not know if Jesus ever had sexuality, but if he did, what is wrong in making him gay? It might be hard to swallow this kind of logic but again, faith itself has nothing to do with logic.

The whole outburst concerning this issue is unnecessary. There is no need to "cancel" or unsubscribe to Netflix because just as there are movies like this on Netflix, there are also religious movies that depict Jesus in ways closer to mainstream Christian beliefs. Everyone has their own belief of what Jesus is to them. If you know that your Jesus isn't gay then ignore what other people say and focus on your own beliefs. The same, also, goes for those who see no wrong in the movie. Christianity has had a long history of violence towards people who do not share the same beliefs, and I believe the same things that happened in the past would happen again if people do not respect other's beliefs, mind their own business and focus on their own beliefs.

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