Former billionaire and Wall Street Money Manager Jeffery Epstien passed away in his jail cell over the weekend and his life was just as shady as his death.

He was born in January of 1953 in New York City, to a pair of working class parents. Eventually he would rise above that and become a powerful Wall Street Figure.

The Me Too movement uncovered horrific tales of sexual abuse on minors, as it has for so many other rich and powerful men in the upper sections of American society and culture. The court documents state that the youngest victim was 14 years old. Epstien was known to spend time with other famous, powerful men, including Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey, among others. He owned an island where some of these assaults took place, as well as a plane called "The Lolita Express", named after the infamous novel about a pedophile.

He was eventually arrested and placed on suicide watch after he was found unconscious in his cell, with marks that were deemed to be self inflicted around his neck.

On August 10th, 2019, Epstien was found dead in his cell and guards desperately attempted to revive him upon discovery. An autopsy was done, but the results are pending at this time.

While we sadly will never get to see Epstien go to trial, it appears that his alleged co-conspirators, and even those who worked at the prison where he died, It may be that prison guards falsified records relating to the death of the inmate and it appears that a few prison guards have already acquired defense attorneys.

Only time will tell what will happen, but it appears that even though Epstien has died, there is still justice to be had. Both for the crimes that Epstien allegedly committed on his island and his private plane, as well as for potential negligence or a cover up in his death. There are many pieces to the puzzle already found, and perhaps there are still more to be uncovered. For now however, it continues to be a bizarre and confusing case.