Bachelorette Of The Week: Jayne Gephart

I've got a great one for you this week ladies and gents! Guys, are you looking for a sarcastic and smart gal, who can hook you up with the latest Nikes and help you with your golf game? If so, look no further, this week's Bachelorette of the Week is Jayne Gephart!

Jayne, or "geppy" as some may call her, is from Saint Paul, MN, and is at Creighton studying Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions on the Pre-Med track! When she isn't hanging out with her Gamma Phi sisters, planning Program Board events, or chillin' with future doctors in Pre-Med society, you can find Jayne out on the green playing golf.

1. Describe your ideal boyfriend

"My ideal boyfriend spends his time buying Nike shoes and golfing. He really can’t deviate from either of those things. He also must love to spend copious amounts of time in the library because school over everything."

2. Rumor has it you used to work at Lunds. What kind of skills did you learn that could potentially 'woo' a future spouse?

"The rumors are true, I used to bag groceries every weekend at my local grocery store in high school. I know every aisle of the grocery store like the back of my hand so I guess that's a skill."

3. What's your favorite rom-com/chick flick?

"Hmm believe it or not I actually don’t like rom com or chick flick movies."

4. Tweeting is a frequent activity of yours. What's your favorite tweet you've ever tweeted?

"Wow, this is a hard one. I guess my favorite tweet would be my #JayneFromLunds tweet which was modeled after #AlexFromTarget. I love this tweet because I look like a high school dork who bags groceries. It’s currently pinned at the top of my twitter, go take a look."

5. What sport would you probably be able to beat your future boyfriend in and why?

"I would be able to beat him in golf for sure. I spend my summers teaching children how to golf so I know a thing or two about the game."

6. Chipotle or Qdoba?

"CHIPOTLE. Qdoba is lower quality Chipotle. Chipotle is fresh and has variety, whereas all of Qdoba’s food is old and tastes the same."

7. What kind of qualities does Hoodie Allen have that you want your boyfriend to have?

"I guess he can rap which is pretty cool, so definitely rapping. NEEDS to be able to spit bars 24/7. His twitter game is also strong, which is a must."

8. Tell us about your ideal date night.

"It’s a Friday night, we’re in the library, and we get allllll of our homework done. Best date ever."

9. Where can you be reached?

"Instagram: @jeps15 Twitter: @jgeps15"

If you, or someone you know, would make a great candidate for the next Bachelor/Bachelorette of the Week, nominate them here: reach out to me!

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