9 Stages Every Writer Goes Through As They Begin Their Great American Novel, According To 'Jane The Virgin'

9 Stages Every Writer Goes Through As They Begin Their Great American Novel, According To 'Jane The Virgin'

Writers will relate to these experiences on a spiritual level.


The first time I sat down to watch "Jane the Virgin" I was expecting a show that sort of poked fun at being a virgin and more of a comedy show full of mockery. I was pleasantly surprised! "Jane the Virgin" has become one of my all-time favorite television shows. The premise of the show is that Jane Villanueva, a virgin, gets accidentally artificially inseminated. Thus, the passionate telenovela begins.

Over the course of the last four seasons, audiences have watched Jane (brilliantly portrayed by Gina Rodriguez) grow as a person and being a fierce friend and family member. There is never a dull moment as Jane interacts with the people in the rollercoaster ride that is her life. One of Jane's aspirations that she pursues is to be a published writer. Jane is the perfect character to explain the different stages of writing. I know that writers know the struggle of writing something meaningful and believing in it. Please know that you're not alone!

1. You have a busy schedule and have to make time to write

Jane the Virgin

Sometimes life gets away from you, and you have no time to write! Hopefully, the people around you encourage you to take that time to get your thoughts down.

2. You search for inspiration


It's incredibly difficult and challenging to write without inspiration.

3. Inspiration strikes, and feel like you must write right away!

Jane the Virgin

If you don't write those thoughts down, who knows where they'll go?

4. You start writing and doubt your abilities

Jane the Virgin

5. Writer's block hits

Jane the Virgin

Writer's block is the actual worst. At the moment you experience writer's block, you feel so helpless.

6. You protect your work from other people's eyes and don't let anyone read it

Jane the Virgin

Writers can have a tendency to keep writing to themselves until they feel like it's perfect. Showing writing to other people may help you and get you some incredible feedback.

7. You let off of steam and take a break from writing

Jane the Virgin

8. Inspiration strikes, people encourage you into writing, and you finally get the story down that you were hoping for

Jane the Virgin

Any moment you feel especially accomplished is absolutely exceptional.

9. The cycle starts all over again

Jane the Virgin

If you ever watch "Jane the Virgin", you will see Jane experience all of these stages as she tries to write her romance novels. To all the writers out there- stay encouraged! Your thoughts matter!

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