10 Songs To Jam out to
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10 Songs To Jam out to

You can't have a good day until you've got a good playlist to accompany you!

10 Songs To Jam out to

There's nothing better than having the perfect playlist with songs that just get you moving! It can make even the most mundane of tasks seem like the best time ever, plus it'll make everything go a little bit faster. Not to mention, the great memories made with some good music! Here's some of my June playlist that keeps me going!


“Gimme my check, put some respek on my check or pay me in equity. Watch me reverse out of debt!”

Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a whole new album, claiming they'd only release it on Tidal and proceeded to release it on Spotify the next day! The Power Couple released "APES**T" on YouTube and it already has 43 million views and counting, rightfully so! This song was definitely worth renting out the Louvre to make!

2. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” — Panic! At the Disco

“In a golden cathedral, I'll be praying for the faithless! And if you lose, boo-hoo. Hey look, Ma! I made it!”

The SIXTH Panic! At the Disco was finally released on June 22 and twelve-year-old me started screaming. I've been a P!ATD fan since their third album and I have been so happy to see what Brendon has done with the band since it officially became his. The new album Pray For The Wicked features 11 songs and I think this is one of the best ones! A super upbeat song with a dark music video? Sign me up!

3. “Kiss” — Pale Waves

“Kiss me hard just like you did at the start. Kiss me hard just like I'm breaking your heart.”

Pale Waves has been taking over the Alternative Rock scene since they released their song “Television Romance” in September 2017. On June 14, the band released a new single called “Kiss” and I've been hooked since I first heard it. This song gives me Hot Topic vibes and I live for it when I'm running some errands!

4. “Give Yourself A Try” — The 1975

“You learn a couple things when you get to my age. Like friends don't lie and it all tastes the same in the dark.”

Despite the very Ronald McDonald looking man in the thumbnail of the video, The 1975 is an Alternative Rock band that has been popping ever since their self titled album. They have given their fans nothing less than the best since then and their new single “Give Yourself A Try” proved just that. The upbeat song with a life lesson behind it has kept me and my best friend smiling all throughout car rides.

5. “Lie To Me” — 5 Seconds of Summer

“And I know that you don't, but if I ask you if you love me, I hope you li-li-li-lie...Lie to me.”

If you want a song that will make you feel all the feels, 5 Seconds of Summer sure made sure to hit you where it hurts with their song “Lie To Me” on their new album YoungBlood. The whole album is fantastic and, quite frankly, I never really paid too much attention to them, but this album really has me hooked with other great songs like “Monster Among Men” and “Youngblood.” “Lie To Me,” though, really keeps me crying 24/7.

6. “Dying In LA” — Panic! At the Disco

“You looked at death in a tarot card and you saw what you had to do. But nobody knows you now, when you're dying in LA”

I mentioned that I'm a fan of Panic!, right? Brendon Urie's voice is just so beautiful that I couldn't get enough of it and I just had to put this song in, too. “Dying In LA” is another one of those tear jerkers for me! I mean, hearing about someone's journey to a new place and striving for their dream? I could certainly cry.

7. “I Like It” — Cardi B, Bad Bunny, & J Balvin

“Diamond district in the Jag'. I said I like it like that. Certified, you know I'm gang.”

Cardi B has been releasing bop after bop lately and with Invasion of Privacy and “Bodak Yellow” putting her on the charts, it's only fitting that she made it onto the June Playlist. The Dominican artist, along with Bad Bunny and J Balvin, use a sample of “I Like It Like That” by Pete Rodriguez, a staple song at Hispanic family parties (I can attest to that), to make a great rap song that is on every Top 40 radio station. Who doesn't like a little Latin flare in their lives? We spice things up, okurrr!

8. “This Is America” — Childish Gambino

“I'm so fitted. I'm on Gucci. I'm so pretty. I'm gon' get it. Watch me move. This a celly. That's a tool.”

Although this song didn't come out in June, it's still up there on my list of songs to listen to. Childish Gambino, also known as actor/comedian Donald Glover, released a song raising awareness against gun violence and how media can distract everyone from it at some point with his month old song “This Is America.” It's a fantastic song and the music video is visually gripping, but I chose not to include it due to possibly triggering content. I highly recommend you look it up, if you want to see a visually stunning message.

9. “Body Count” — Jessie Reyez

“We don't need no one tryna take our freedom. Time won't let you stay young.”

I recently discovered Jessie Reyez and I can't say I was disappointed by her May release “Body Count.” It's more laid back and still an interesting concept of a song and music video. It's good for the lowkey moments.

10. “Kiwi” — Harry Styles

“Hard candy dripping on me 'til my feet are wet. & now she's all over me, it's like I paid for it. I'm gonna pay for this”

I don't know where to BEGIN with Harry Styles' self titled album. All the songs are absolutely amazing and really different from what he created with One Direction, but, by far, my favorite song has to be “Kiwi.” The album is already almost a year old and this music video alone has 25 million views. The song is very 70's rock-esque and I've never loved something more.

I know June is almost over, but I felt the need to share some of my music choices. I believe that music is what can bring the world together, so why not share it and bring some peace in these trying times. I hope you'll check out these songs and find some new music you might like!

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