Being Rude To Customer Service Reps Is An Ugly Practice And Needs To End
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Being Rude To Customer Service Reps Is An Ugly Practice And Needs To End

I know for fact, I haven't just been rude, I have been downright disrespectful.

Being Rude To Customer Service Reps Is An Ugly Practice And Needs To End
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You know you have done it. I have done it. My mother has done it. We all do it. All of us are guilty. So, why do we keep doing it? You know what I'm talking about. When was the last time you have been rude to a customer service representative? And not just rude, I mean nasty. Have you ever? I have.

I know for fact, I haven't just been rude, I have been downright disrespectful. I have yelled and demanded to speak to a manager for reasons and policies that had nothing to do with that representative. But, because they were there, I took my anger out on them: called them an idiot while speaking with harsh tones...not my finest moment.

It is time for us to stop being rude to customer service representatives. Today, I am advocating for them. I am a customer service representative and I have encountered customers from Hell. Unfortunately, I have also been the customer from Hell. I know, I picked this job, I choose this job, but I didn't choose to be mistreated! Customer service extends to cashiers, retail workers, and salespeople, and then, there is me, a customer service representative. My job is to call customers to administer surveys after guest visits.

Customer service is an integral role in companies' reputation and business. In other words, great customer service equals happy customers and happy customers produce a profit. Without them, how would companies stay afloat? We as customers, tend to forget these representatives are just doing their jobs and if they don't, they will be fired. It can be annoying receiving calls from solicitors and customer service reps, but it is necessary.

Usually, companies have their customer service customs and rules, there is a certain way to do things. Health Care companies have scripts to follow. Banks have customer and guest surveys. Fancy Restaurants have valet parking. No matter what type of company it is, their goal is to make customers happy and comfortable. Business customers reviews are also important. Do me a favor, go to your favorite restaurant or store reviews, I'm pretty sure you will find someone complaining about customer service more than anything.

Many times, the anger from customers stems from policies we cannot change, like, refund policy, insufficient funds, or mistakes like automated billing etc. Poor rep, they get stuck in the cross fire every time! At my job, I have to deal with nice people and some who are not so nice. By the end of my shift, I would love to give them tude. Can you imagine having to be happy and cordial towards people who are down right mean? I know people get upset, but listen, its our job.

It can be difficult to be in customer service mode while dealing with angry customers, but it is our job to remain professional. At least understand we are doing our jobs and if you slow down, lower your voice, without name calling, we will help you to the best of our ability. If we can't help you, its not because we dislike you it is because there is nothing we can do. We will be able to suggest and point you towards someone that can help. If you are patient and understanding, I promise your experience will be smooth and you will understand company policy is company policy.

So next time, when you are dealing with customer service, stop, breathe, then proceed.

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