You've probably heard the saying "don't be a quitter." It's something I've lived by for a great deal of my life.

I've made sure that I've given everything my all. I don't think anything is worth doing if you don't put your all into it. No matter what organization I joined or what I did, I made sure that I was motivated. Then this summer, I realized it probably was not the best way to approach things. I realized that I was equating quitting with failure. It turns out that they are not the same thing.

The textbook definition of quitting is to leave something, when you really think about it, quitting does not have much to do with failure. It finally hit me one day when I was doing something for an organization I was a member of and I was not only dreading it, but I was not happy. Now, I didn't make the decision right then and there to quit. Instead, for a week straight, I had an internal conflict raging inside me. I constantly weighed the pros and cons of leaving the organization.

I started to look at the situation in a different way. I realized that being a part of the organization was not worth my time because it didn't make me happy and did not help me in any way. It may have at first. I acknowledge that because whether you realize it or not, there is always a lesson in everything you do (no matter how small.) I have to. It is one of the best decisions I made and nobody should be afraid to quit. Quitting is not something to be ashamed of. It can actually be a positive thing for you.