It’s okay to have an opinion.

As a society, we are currently in a time where our opinions can define who we are. Apparently, if you vote for Donald Trump, you’re considered a sexist, racist, right-wing politico. If you support the “Black Lives Matter” campaign you are automatically against any and all law enforcement. If you aren’t an advocate for LGBTQ community, then you might as well be a Westboro Baptist Church member or some kind of ignorant prick.

All accusations are dead wrong.

In a time where it is encouraged to express yourself and be who you really are, why then is it deemed “wrong” or “ignorant” to have an opinion against something? Refining and expressing your views on certain topics is an American right and really adds to the diversity on which this country was founded.

In today’s society you will (usually) never see eye-to-eye with others.

You’ve heard the saying, “opinions are like butt holes; everyone has one," right? It’s true. You ask anyone who they are voting for and automatically a novel about their chosen candidate spews from their lips. Trust me, everyone you meet will have an opinion.

The key to having an opinion and the key to understanding others opinions is having an open and accepting mind (and constantly working to maintain that). If you have differing opinions with someone I think it is important to listen and understand both sides of the argument. You may or may not end up agreeing, but regardless, you left the conversation a little more knowledgeable and a lot more empathetic.

It’s ignorant to think that because someone stands up for something, they are putting down something else. Or rather, if they don’t stand for something, they are automatically considered hateful.

Take the LGBT community, for example. Just because you don’t support it, doesn’t mean that you don’t like gay people. It doesn’t mean that you can’t befriend lesbians or have a conversation with a transgender person. Someone's sexual orientation should not dictate their quality of friendship.

With everything going on the in world, I really think this is a point that needs to be made. We are all different, each and every single one of us. We don’t all support Donald Trump and we don’t all support Hillary Clinton. Taking pride in the “Black Lives Matter” movement doesn’t make you any better or any worse of a person; and because you don’t support LGBT doesn’t mean your heart didn’t hurt when the Pulse shooting attack happened. All are trivial stands.

You can’t judge people based on the way they live their lives and the views they choose to believe. However, you can judge people based on the way they drive (USE A TURN SIGNAL!), the way they treat an animal or baby and the quality of their work ethic. All of which have nothing to do with their personal and political views.

The golden rule still applies, people! Treat others how you would want to be treated. If you don’t support something would you want someone telling you how ignorant you are? No. Then why treat other people like that?

Supporting and understanding are two completely different words and sometimes they become intertwined. According to support means to give approval, comfort, or encouragement to. To understand means to be sympathetically or knowledgeably aware of the character or nature.

You can still be a kind, decent person and understand someone’s political view or personal lifestyle without supporting it. Let me repeat that, you don’t have to support everything everyone does. It’s okay to have an opinion.