The Rave Wave is a spectrum; while the head banging community is largely known for its more extreme activities (i.e. the Flume video that recently went viral…), there are EDM fans who go without the colorful bracelets, Pashminas and whip its! If you've ever wondered just what it is that has festival kids with light whips and masks following laser shows around the country, I've made it easy for you!! Here are 3 EDM artists that are sure to have you feeling a little heady.

1. Whethan

Or, as he is known by his endearing fans, Wheat Thin! This 20 year old bust through the Chicago DJ scene at a very young age. Since his collaboration with Dua Lipa made the "Fifty Shades Freed" soundtrack, Whethan has been on tour for his own album, "Life of a Wallflower." This broody, sarcastic kid makes some really hype beats, so if you're trying to let your inner angst out, might I suggest visiting his artist page (linked above) or any of the recommended songs below.

Good Nights (ft. Mascolo)

Superlove (ft. Oh Wonder)

Aftertaste (ft. Opia)

2. Louis the Child

If you're already tapping your foot, here is a group with a slightly more intricate production. Duo Robby Hauldren and Freddy Kennett (also from Chicago) started this collaboration in 2013, but it was their 2017 album "Love Is Alive" that put Louis the Child on every mainstream EDM playlist. Whereas Whethan works with more nostalgic energies, Louis the Child tackles situational art from a more abstract angle, creating an empowering and energetic experience that is sure to leave you feeling cool and colorful. Many of their songs have broken out on the radio, so don't be surprised if you recognize some of their tracks.

Too Close (with Wrabel)

Better Not (ft. Wafia)

Slow Down Love (ft. Chelsea Cutler)

3. Odesza

Founded by college friends Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, this epic ensemble has transformed the electronic music scene. Odesza's two most recent albums "In Return" (2013) and "A Moment Apart" (2017) are especially extraordinary experience art pieces that deserve to be considered as meditational tools rather than pure entertainment. What is even more incredible about Odesza is the collective show the entire group puts on. The squad (including an entire drum-line) just finished its over-two-year tour for "A Moment Apart," and the visual dimensions of the experience are unlike anything else to date. If you'd like to experience how an alien would put together a full orchestra production, check out the songs below or any on their page.

Late Night:

A Moment Apart:

Say My Name:

Of course, there are countless DJ, Disco and Dubstep acts that could not be mentioned, but if you're new to the game and you don't want to get lost in the *shuffle,* these pages are wonderful energies to follow. So go ahead! Go down the rabbit hole. We would love to show you our world.