YouTube Addiction?

Okay okay, so don't get me wrong here, I have been loving on YouTube since 2007. I remember sitting in my 5th grade classroom and someone mentioning ~you tube~, and after that my whole life changed. From the music video era, where the cringiest "emo" stuff was going on, to the one where comedy skit videos were the big trend…fast forward to 2019 and we are now consumed by "Beauty Gurus", people who eat mass amounts of food for views (Mukbang's) and "watch me get drunk/high and buy stupid things". Now do not get me wrong, I love this shi*; I practically am subscribed to YouTube, in the same way I am to Hulu and Netflix. To be honest, it started off as something little, just watching a video my friends were talking about, the iconic "sitting on the toilet" video, which would have blown up to I feel ~different~ measures, had it been during the Vine time, but eh it's okay she seems fine (lol). But WOW, I remember sitting in my bedroom, and getting my first Mac (which I only wanted for Photobooth LOL @ myself).

It was that cute a** white one, with the white keyboard and features (weirded out and mad they discontinued that color !!!!!), anyway, and I'd MAKE THOSE SAME MUSIC VIDEOS ON MY WHITE MAC (rip). Completely absorbing every trick the ~YouTubers~ used on iMovie, Photobooth and all that jazz. I just remember how good it felt to be a part of the YouTube community, and watching people who felt and expressed the same sort of artistic and "unconventional" humor and lonliness I also felt. It was weird, and still is, how much YouTube helped me realize a lot of things about myself. Or maybe it was discovering my triple Leo stellium but like, YouTube helped a ton. It showed me to not give a f*** about what ANYONE thinks…except maybe your mom, (or whoever raised you). But like, just remember nothing matters in this world except for YOU! And the choices that YOU want to make. I don't really know how this is all tying together, but I haven't had any tea yet today, so that could be the reason for the manic article of the week!

Well I hope I didn't scare you off, but YouTube is an amazing, creative outlet for a LOT of people! It's a place to be YOU when sometimes its hard to even be yourself alone. It's a place to try out new things, talk to people and all that.

Be you. Be kind. Be patient.

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