I recently purchased a new phone, and purchasing a new phone often means going through your 'purchased' history in the app store and redownloading your favorite apps. While looking through this list, I came across several apps I used to LOVE in high school that are now irrelevant. Here were the most memorable:

1. Formspring


Fondest memories: using the app to stay in touch with my favorite Sims 2 creators, being able to ask them questions that wouldn't get lost in a sea of YouTube comments, and answering the question of the day/shaking my iPod to get new questions so I could pretend anyone was actually interested in my responses. I believe the one time I ever actually got a question that was just for me and not everyone a certain popular person followed, it was a porn bot.

Least favorite memories: the experience with the porn bot.

2. AskFM


Fondest memories: answering the "question of the day" every day much like with Formspring, up until I got so tired of doing it (but felt like I still had to for some reason?) and sometimes answering a question with a picture that was in absolutely no way related to the question

Least favorite memories: either being harassed about my crush in the early days of the app (and STILL not knowing who was doing it) or the time my friend literally got broken up with over this app

3. BitStrips


Fondest memories: before there was Bitmoji, there were BitStrips. They were cute little comic templates you filled out with you and your friends, and they could be customized to some small degree (custom thought bubbles, changing the facial expressions, etc.) usually you just memed your friends, but sometimes you'd use them to post status updates with a fun personal twist.

Least favorite memories: the fact that nobody uses them anymore and they were lit!!

4. GifBoom

*I apparently don't have any of my GifBoom gifs saved, so enjoy this one I made on imgflip apparently


Fondest memories: this app was so cool! I think it's probably the 2012 equivalent of Boomerang, except the gifs don't give me a headache or hurt my eyes. I vote we bring this back and get rid of Boomerangs.

Least favorite memories: I didn't really use this app, and I don't know anyone who actively did (or at least as much as Instagram) and I think it had a lot more potential than people took advantage of.

Misc. thoughts: Did anyone ever use an app called Cinemagram? I remember a girl in my senior year drama class telling us "it's like Instagram, but you can post videos"-- lol -- I downloaded it but never used it, then Vine came out like a week later, and then Instagram let you post videos shortly after that. I also vaguely remember an app called "Instamessage" where you could DM people before that was a thing- and when Instagram first brought us DM's, you had to send a photo to send a DM. I think people also used Kik for that. I only used Kik once to talk to my friend's ex for her, that's my least favorite memory right there!

5. iFunny

Fondest memories: does anyone remember iFunny? Before Facebook became the app everyone used to repost the same memes over and over and over again, iFunny was your go-to for that kind of content. And honestly? I miss those days; Facebook being a social media website and not a recycled meme factory where occasionally you get something good; iFunny having some new content to look through every day meaning you'd probably find something that made you smile in there.

Least favorite memory: not realizing how much data the app used and accidentally blowing through half my monthly data within the first week after I got an iPhone.

What are some of your favorite now-irrelevant apps?