6 International Horror Films To Prepare You For Spooky Season
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6 International Horror Films To Prepare You For Spooky Season

It's already September so it's basically Halloween, right?

6 International Horror Films To Prepare You For Spooky Season

These movies will take you out of your comfort zone of Hollywood jump scare tactics.

1. "Eyes Without a Face" (France, 1960)

The epitome of 1960s horror, "Eyes Without a Face" is considered the first French modern horror film. It surrounds a doctor who preys on young women, kidnapping them and removing their faces to attempt a transplant for his disfigured daughter.

In such a direct yet simple way, it accomplishes an unsettling ambiance, in the concept as well as the visuals. The film doesn't rely on gore to get stuck in your brain, but instead surreal, bizarre aesthetics that make it unforgettable.

2. "Ringu" (Japan, 1998)

First of all, let me just say that Asian horror movies are far superior to Western ones. Maybe it's just because their urban legends don't conform to the typical Western norms of what is considered scary. They also really tap into the psychological fears, unlike Western jump scare films.

"Ringu" paved the way for the Asian horror craze, inspiring sequels, and remakes. Hideo Nakata's "Ringu" resides in the urban legend of the yūrei, a vengeful spirit with cascading black hair and white draped clothing. It is centered around a cursed VHS that leaves viewers with a mere seven days left before meeting a horrible end.

Even if you've seen the American remake, it is definitely worth watching the original for a good, authentic scare that will leave you scared in a way that a jump scare never could.

3. "Shutter" (Thailand, 2004)

Another gem of Asian horror movies. A young photographer and his girlfriend come to find mysterious shadows in their photos following a tragic car accident.

They soon uncover that this event caused an inescapable torment. With a combination of excellent acting and well-done sound effects- "Shutter" is truly a hidden gem of horror that deserves more attention.

4. "The Devil's Backbone" (Spain, 2001)

Mexican horror and fantasy director Guillermo Del Toro has a way of mixing those elements in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. In what he considers his most personal film, "The Devil's Backbone" exposes the trauma children face during wartime.

We meet Carlos, a 12-year-old who arrives at a disturbing orphanage after losing his father to war. He is haunted by the visions of a ghostly figure as well as the death of a young boy. Del Toro is a favorite of mine, but this one is a must-watch.

5. "Goodnight, Mommy" (Austria, 2014)

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie all over Twitter in 2014, but I was way too terrified to watch it. It follows inseparable twin boys whose mother returns home after heavy cosmetic surgery. Her face is wrapped in bandages, leaving the boys disturbed, only put off even more by her strange behavior.

They soon begin to suspect the woman is an imposter all along. As the reviews say, this movie truly will get under your skin.

6. "Suspiria" (Italy, 1977)

I recommend this movie to any horror fanatic. Italy is known for horror films that go above and beyond, but Dario Argento's "Suspiria" is at the top of the list.

We watch an American ballet dancer's journey to study at a prestigious German dance academy, only to discover there is more than meets the eye, something far more sinister.

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