Loneliness is more of a heartache than a headache. It makes you feel vulnerable and less empowered as an individual. I have learned that social interactions elicit positive feedback loops that prove to be beneficial in the lives of people. In other words, it is strongly recommended that people engage in active social interactions in order to prevent feelings of loneliness.

I have heard that people tend to feel a bit lonely while they are in a relationship and a TIME article further proved that point. The article vividly mentions how loneliness can arise when a relationship has lost its vibrant flavor or when the level of deep-rooted connection has somehow fated between the couple. It is often difficult to maintain the warmth and affection in a relationship, but it can be done if active communication and exchange of ideas are conducted on a regular basis. You never know what a huge difference a direct conversation can make in regards to further solidifying your relationship!

A statistical fact that I have come across highlights the idea that people who have not yet been exposed to marital bliss are more susceptible to elevated feelings of loneliness. So the probability of people currently in a healthy and thriving relationship is relatively low compared to people who are single. As a result, 28% of the population who are not completely happy in their family life are usually the ones lost in the confines of isolation.

According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, "Social isolation, a state in which an individual lacks a sense of social belonging, true engagement with others, and fulfilling relationships, is associated with increased morbidity and mortality." A person's life is fully at risk if they are victims of loneliness because they are stuck in a terrorizing world full of darkness.

With someone by your side, it becomes much easier for your dreams to bear fruit as you will have someone sharing your aspirations. Having someone by your side to talk to will make your problems appear trivial and initiate the inner drive to find proactive and realistic solutions to your problems. Overcoming obstacles and fulfilling dreams are major milestones in a person's life and it is much more memorable when your loved ones are cheering you on and making you feel special!

Being lonely is fatal to an individual's ultimate survival and mental health. Nevertheless, it should be handled with the utmost care by engaging in meaningful social interactions with others around you!