6 Instagram Accounts To Follow For The Best Style Inspo

6 Instagram Accounts To Follow For The Best Style Inspo

No matter what category your style falls under, these accounts are perfect for some inspiration for turning out some cute looks.


Sometimes it is hard to come up with a really cute outfit. I can't even recall all the times I've stood staring at my clothes blankly, had no idea what to wear, or the days I've changed what feels like a million times. I know this isn't just a me problem, so to combat this issue, I turned to the endless fountain of style inspiration that is Instagram, and trust me I was not disappointed. In order to save you the time and effort of wading through all the defunct or dead-end accounts on Instagram related to style (trust me, there are way too many), I've compiled this list of some awesome, active accounts for style inspiration for a couple different style types. Hope you find your perfect style inspiration!

1. French/Classic Style - ​@parisianvibe​

This account is a personal favorite of mine and is perfect for anyone looking to be inspired by or capture that classic, "French girl style." Classic, European style never gets old, and even the nontraditional outfits posted are to die for. This account has an awesome blend of seasonal outfits, gives credit to the original posters, and even links some of the pieces shown. So if you're looking for a timeless, chic look, this account is definitely a go-to.

2. Streetwear/Modern Style - @wuzg00d

Alania Figueroa is a professional dancer and also has one of the best female streetwear accounts on Instagram. She is constantly pulling off crazy colors and patterns and manages to look effortlessly great while doing so. This account is perfect street style inspo, for both laid back and more out-there street-inspired looks. When you're looking for some out-there, extremely trendy looks, this is the perfect account to scroll through.

3. Southern/Preppy Style - @byhilaryrose

Hilary Rose Elrod's account perfectly embodies the super popular Southern or preppy style. Her style reminds me so much of college girl boutiques, and I can definitely see the inspiration for super popular, easy to recreate trends in her cozy, yet perfectly put together style.

4. Vintage 70's Style - @70sbabes

What better way to embody '70s style than to get inspired by actual '70s icons? There are a lot of Instagram style accounts dedicated to trying to recreate all types of '70s looks, but you won't get better inspiration then from the icons themselves. With style icons of all corners of the decade being posted on this account's feed, you're sure to never run out of that perfect vintage inspiration for your next outfit.

5. Bohemian Style - @bohostyle

Bohemian style has been a huge influence on the trends of the last couple years, and I think this trend still has a lot to offer. This account is perfect, not just for its name, but for the variety of outfits it has to offer. This account does not just adhere to the classic or overused aspects of bohemian style, but brings a lot of different elements and new aspects to the trend that are sure to inspire you, no matter the occasion.

6. Minimalist Style - @clothedinabundance

Minimalist definitely does not mean basic with this account. If you're looking for inspiration to create really cute looks with wardrobe staples, this is the account to go to. She is constantly reusing pieces and making really gorgeous, easy to recreate looks that are perfect for everyday. Bonus: Her account also focuses on mental health and motivation, so you won't just find style inspo, but also some personal inspiration as well.

Style really is a personal thing, and for every person it's different. I really love all of these accounts for their abilities to showcase their own personal styles or an aesthetic. In scrolling through their looks and style, you will definitely find yourself inspired to really build on your own personal style and what makes you look and feel good. So, definitely check out these accounts before your next frustrated encounter with your closet, and see what kind of gorgeous look they'll inspire you to create.

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Facebook's Privacy Pivot: What You Need To Know

As others are saying, we've been "Zucked." Again.


Technology is changing. People are changing. Times are changing.

It's no secret that Facebook is spiraling down after it was released that "private" messages sent on Facebook are actually used by data analyzers to collect information on users. It's also no secret that people were pretty darn pissed about it.

The gap between companies and their users is closing very quickly, so what used to be "secret" before, isn't so secret now. As a response to all of the backlash from Facebook users about the platform's lack of privacy, Mark Zuckerberg has proposed a new "privacy pivot." He hopes to transform Facebook's reputation of being a "town square" to a "living room": more and more people are shifting from sharing publicly to sharing just one-on-one or with a few, close friends. For example, more than 63% of users send content to one another through Facebook Messenger, compared to the 55% of people that have shared publicly, or, in the "town square."

Zuckerberg has proposed changes to Facebook that will shift to look more like it's sister brand, WhatsApp, a messaging app that users utilize to speak to direct audiences. This, however, cannot be pulled off easily, and many people are scrutinizing Zuckerberg already due to not having any sort of true business model. First, Facebook is a publicly traded company and therefore has a duty to pay shareholders. Despite having 15 million fewer users today than in 2017, Facebook's earnings have increased due to loyal advertisers. Changing Facebook's platform would mean changing ways of advertising, which could make the company lose part of their 7 million companies that advertise with them, which, of course, means a large decrease in profit.


There are opportunities, however, to tap into markets that have never been reached before. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are all under the same company umbrella. These three, powerful platforms could work together to create a way of communicating that has never been done before, both benefitting the users and advertisers. Business professor and contributor to Forbes Magazine, Bhaskar Chakravorti described this innovation as, "creating new ways to open up advertising streams and tracking a diversity of user activity. This could lead to new revenue opportunities that are currently untapped and reduce costs through consolidation of the back end infrastructure and reduced need to monitor encrypted information." This could still have it's risks, though, being a completely new innovation, which Chakravori addresses later in the article.

It seems that at this point, this "privacy pivot" is a whole lot of talk and not a lot of walk. Personally, I just want a real step to be taken for my messages to be encrypted and secure. All of this other fancy innovation can come at a later time.

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