You Don’t Look Like Every Insta Model, And That's Beautiful
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You Don't Look Like An Instagram Model, And That Makes You PERFECTLY Beautiful

Stop comparing your beauty to the beauty of others. We're all allowed to be beautiful in our own way.

You Don't Look Like An Instagram Model, And That Makes You PERFECTLY Beautiful

We've all done it before. As we are looking through someone's Instagram page we can't help but look at their pictures and compare our own "flawed" bodies to their "perfect" bodies.

Just because you see pictures of models on social media who look damn near perfect, that does not take away from your own beauty.

They are models for a reason. Their looks gave them a career.

They probably have an ideal body type and have a symmetrical face with great hair. I'm sure they are the type of people who can wake up in the morning and look just as perfect with messy hair and no makeup on.

We don't have to think any less of ourselves just because we don't look like the females we see as we are scrolling through posts. We all weren't born with perfect skin or perfect teeth.

We all can't afford plastic surgery done to fix any "flaws" we think we may have.

Some of us can't take any good photos but that doesn't mean you are not pretty. Some people are just not photogenic and that is something that no one ever considers. Being un-photogenic just means that you don't take good pictures.

Once again, that does not give you the right to call yourself ugly. Most people's pictures of themselves have filters on them or are photoshopped anyway, so don't think that everyone else in the world is photogenic besides you.

Having acne doesn't make you ugly. Having messy hair doesn't make you ugly.

Being too short or too tall doesn't make you ugly. Having a large forehead or nose doesn't make you ugly. Having cellulite doesn't make you ugly.

Wouldn't it be boring if we all looked the same? If we all had the same hair color and length, the same height, same body measurements, same wardrobe, same face, then there would be no differences among us and that's an issue.

What makes you beautiful, are the things that make you stand out.

If we all looked the same, then life would be pretty boring. Our differences make us unique and make us who we are.

Beauty is not something we measure by looking at a chart and determining if we fit in the "beautiful" or "ugly" category. It's not black and white.

Having long hair doesn't make you beautiful. Having perfect teeth doesn't make you beautiful. Having long legs doesn't make you beautiful. Having a perfect size nose doesn't make you beautiful.

Then what makes a person beautiful? A beautiful person is someone with a good heart and a beautiful soul. Inner beauty will always be more important than physical beauty. Why? Because anyone can become "pretty."

Anyone can get surgery to fix their nose. Anyone can get braces to straighten their teeth. Anyone can change their bodies to look more like those models if they truly wanted to do so.

But even if they did all those things, that's not what makes a person beautiful.

Be confident in what you look like and never let the beauty of others bring you down. There's plenty of room in the world for all of us to be beautiful.

So I challenge you the next time you are looking at someone else's photos on social media and you find them to be "perfect," remind yourself of all of your beautiful qualities inside and out.

Maybe someone looks at your photos and thinks that you're perfect.

All beauty can't be captured in a photograph so don't ever feel that you are less than beautiful.

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