OMG she has so many followers!

We have all come across accounts or profiles online that have a high public standing. Who is she? How did she develop her account? Why does she have all these followers? These are common questions that others may ponder.

Social Media, a networking phenomenon, has allowed so many users (myself included) to express and share passions with others. The opportunity to extend networks and connect with others who are like-minded even if they are far away is enabled. The possibility to reach others and develop a broad network should not be ignored. Rather, it should be used and developed properly.

Instagram, a photo sharing medium, is typically used for personal sharing posts. However, this platform can be utilized to develop a meaning within your name. Over the years of being an Instagram user, I have utilized the platform as a medium to develop myself and my own name as a brand.

Imagine developing a flyer for a product or service. You are the brand that is being advertised. Through your posts, develop an image that clearly sells the qualities and or passions. Use the platform to create yourself as a brand. Brand yourself to success. What do you personally have to offer? Where can your passions take you?

When receiving attention in any way, you are bound to attract some 'haters.' I have experienced this and so many other influencers have as well. It is unfortunate and can certainly be hurtful, but it does happen. It is vital to take care of the issue in the best way that maintains your own image. My advice to you is to really just stay POSITIVE no matter what, and don't let others negativity bring you down. It's really just not worth it, as hurtful as it may have been. Having said this, be careful with your words on the internet. If you receive hate from others, be mindful with your response. If you do choose to respond, do so in a POSITIVE way or best just ignore them. Your interactions with others are noted by companies.

I have focused my Instagram image on posts that express my passions and overall developing a personal brand for me, Rebekah Sklute. A personal brand can feature whatever you want. I personally have chosen to mainly feature my passion for the fashion and beauty industry. For my pictures, I have chosen to create a light and airy aesthetic. Again, I think that Instagram is a great way to develop a personal brand and create a name for yourself if conducted properly. Around my senior year of high school was when I had about 2,000 followers on Instagram. Once I came to college, this following just about quadrupled.

If you have a passion for something, don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

This year, due to my Instagram following, I had the opportunity of becoming an Influencer for Amazon.

I am grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to future collaborations.