10 Instagram Famous Dogs To Start Following, Like, Yesterday
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10 Instagram Famous Dogs To Start Following, Like, Yesterday

This is for all you girls who wish you could pet all these dogs on the reg.

10 Instagram Famous Dogs To Start Following, Like, Yesterday

Ahh, Instagram. The place where photos of all different things around the world, from food on the dinner plate to breath-taking photos of cityscapes are posted on a daily basis. One subject that is of popularity and is constantly found on the newsfeeds of Insta users is dogs.

Some of these dogs found on the gram are known to be “Insta-famous,” featuring photos of cute pups in pajamas and rocking designer sunglasses. These pups of Insta have won the hearts of millions of Instagram users around the world, and will surely win your heart as well. Scroll down to check out these famous pups of Insta.

1. Tinkerbelle the Dog (@tinkerbellethedog)

My personal favorite pup on Insta, this cutie will instantly win your heart with her professional, glossy photos in her holiday-themed costumes or even sporting a sweater. With her sassy captions and glamorous photos, this little shih tzu will always leave you with a smile or a laugh.

2. Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

This bug-eyed pup based in Music City USA will never fail to make you laugh with his photos of #relatable life moments and his occasional drink at Starbucks. Can’t get enough of this comedic pup? Check out Doug’s coloring book and clothing line on his website, www.dougthepugstore.co

3. Gizzy (@newyorkdog)

NYC native Gizzy is quite different from most dogs: she works at a bookstore! Her feed features snapshots of her exploring the world, snuggling next to a baby, and, of course, lost amongst stacks of books. If you take a visit to NYC, you may find Gizzy hard at work at Strand Bookstore.

4. Marnie (@marniethedog)

Another NYC native, the sight of shih tzu rescue with her protruding tongue on your Insta feed will warm your heart. On the gram, Marnie is found sharing a meal with friends (furry or human), meeting celebrities, and lounging around on her multiple beds.

5. Norbert (@norbertthedog)

LA Children’s Hospital furry little volunteer with his big black eyes will instantly make you fall in love. Norbert has LOTS of selfies, photos with babies, #outfitoftheday shots, the children he visits at LA Children’s Hospital, and yes, it is true… other dogs!

6. Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna, a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund, is truly a unique-looking dog with a protruding overbite. Follow Tuna and his iconic overbite if you would like to watch him sleep, relaxing on the beach, and traveling here, there, and everywhere with his loving parents. Tuna is also a gift-giving aficionado and is sharing with the world gifts to give to both furry (and human) loved ones on his website, http://www.tunameltsmyheart.com/gift-guide.

7. Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite)

Daisy will surely give you “all the feels” when you see this dog document her life as she continues to live without having two of her legs. In spite of her disability, Daisy showcases her life’s blissful moments, such as running around on the grass, hanging out with furry friends, and sporting her flower-shaped sunglasses.

8. Toast Meets World (aka Toast) (@toastmeetsworld)

A tiny little King Charles rescued from a puppy mill, Toast is quite the furry fashionista. Her Instagram is a collection of photos of her showing off her #outfitoftheday, whether it’s a sweater or a quirky costume. Toast will definitely give all dog parents on Instagram some fashion inspiration for their furry children.

9. Ella Bean (@ellabeanthedog)

Only four pounds with two teeth, little Ella truly is living her best life. Her photos showcase her travels around the world, attending A-list events, and dining on fine cuisine. Follow this posh pup if you want to vicariously live the glamorous life of Ella through her photos.

10. Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie)

This bat-eared NYC pooch is one cosmopolitan canine. She is constantly found on Insta lounging in a robe, being treated to gourmet meals, and enjoying her travels in the states or abroad. If you’re a couch potato, foodie, or adventure enthusiast, Chloe's feed will keep you hooked.

Whether you love dogs, want a laugh, or live the life of a dog through little squares on the Internet, these dogs of Instagram will never make you want to press that ‘unfollow.’

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