Live Your Life In Person, Not In A Social Media Post

Live Your Life In Person, Not In A Social Media Post

When did Instagram become who has the best life?


Social media is a huge part of everyone's life nowadays. When walking to class everyone is on their phones listening to music, texting, and mindlessly scrolling through social media. This has been happening ever since people started getting iPhones but I realized that mindless walking during college. This summer, I realized the effects of what social media has on us all: comparing.

This summer, lots of college students are busy. The effort to get ahead in school or to make as much as humanly possible for the next school year. The routine is to get up, work, and repeat. Some take on summer classes along with a full-time job. After a long day at work, I hop on Instagram because... well because that's just the thing to do. This led me to picture-perfect poses with excellent filters complimenting the girl's skin tone, her perfect bikini body, and a soft smile. It looks like they could be on the cover of a fashion magazine. This isn't just one picture.

This is a whole feed full of people getting the perfect lighting and the clearest picture.

After working a long shift at work, I often sit there wondering, "how do they have time to do all of this? Don't they work?" You may be getting a decent paycheck but what happened to summer memories on the water or spending summer nights out with your family around a campfire? So while I sit there on my phone, I get a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out). There are not enough hours in the day and not enough weeks of summer to do all that you want to do in the summer.

Not only do you fear you aren't doing enough, but that you don't look good enough. You see a photo of a girl with a gorgeous body in a swimsuit facing a body of water with the sun setting in the background. You think, "I wish I was that pretty... she is so skinny, I could never get to that size... I wish I had her life, it seems perfect..." Here is your wakeup call: No one's life is perfect.

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Instagram feeds this thought that I have to look good to post a picture. I have to have the right look or the right lighting to get the most likes. So that people will notice me. WRONG. We should not be putting in so much effort to look good for others who, it is possible, you have never even spoken to.

We look for the approval of Instagram likes because it shows that you had one of the best pictures on their feed or you looked the best.

I, for one, am still guilty of highlighting the best features of myself. I know lots of girls who go to extremes to look good and get the perfect filter or the perfect caption. I know girls who will say, "Like my Instagram picture!" It gives them the confidence that they are doing life right. Live your life just the way you want to. Don't look for others approval online. When did Instagram become who is living the best life? The one you have is great.

For those who made serious bank this summer, good for you! You may not have had the time to do everything you want, but you still got a break from the stress and work that is school. Live your life the way it is without documenting it. Don't compare yourself to others because you made the most out of your summer in your own way.

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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You Either Love Or Hate Bathing Suits

There's just no in between.


As Spring rolls around the corner- slowly, tropical spring break vacations and bathing suits are beginning to be thought about. The gym memberships start to be used again and you can't wait to finally have that bronzed glow. But the only way to get to that beautiful tan is by putting on your suit and heading to the pool or to the beach.

The first time wearing a bathing suit is always the worst; your tan has not started yet and you forget what it is like to be half naked in public. I have a love hate relationship with bathing suits, I have only started liking them thanks to the high wasted suit finally being trendy again as well as one pieces.

It is important to feel your best in your suit as you are fully putting yourself out there. It is important to feel confident in your own skin and for some people this is the case but for others this is a work in progress and bathing suits do not help the cause. Each body has a suit that works for them and after trying on a handful of suits you can see what works best for you. There are so many options out there but some of the best quality bathing suits are online only stores. I think it is hard to order bathing suits online because you aren't sure how it is going to fit, so if you are going to order one online you have to make sure that their return policy works with bathing suits. After you have found what style works best for you, it is now time to see what is in trend for the season. For this season, the trend for bathing suits are going to be high wasted suits and one pieces that are neon as well as animal prints. I cannot wait for the summer and I am ready to be able to recognize myself once again with my tan. I hope you can all find your favorite suit for the summer because the summer is too short and precious to not be in the sun.


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