32 Instagram Captions From Selena's New Album That Will Make You Feel 'Rare'
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32 Instagram Captions From Selena's New Album That Will Make You Feel 'Rare'

"Why don't you recognize I'm so rare?"

32 Instagram Captions From Selena's New Album That Will Make You Feel 'Rare'

I have been a Selena Gomez fan since her Disney days, so I was very excited for this new album to come out, especially after all her teasing Instagram posts.

I really like "Rare" because it is a different sound than from what I anticipated. I think it reflects the new and better place she is at in her life. I am happy she took off the time she needed to heal and that now she came back with this great album.

We waited a long time for this album and it was worth it. Now that is it finally here, we have some new Insta captions from our queen.

"Why don't you recognize I'm so rare?"

"My emotions undressed."

"Little too wild for each other."

"You promised the world and I fell for it."

"Make me feel rare."

"I'm one in a billion, baby, don't you agree?"

"I'll stay vulnerable."

"What a thing to be human."

"I'm in dance floor therapy."

 "Set fires to my forest."

 "Happiness ain't something you sit back and you wait for."

"So how’s it feel to be on the other side?"

 "And now the chapter is closed and done."

 "There must be a sweeter place."

 "Kickstart the rhythm."

 "Wrapped round my finger like a ring."

 "Look at her now."

 "I guess this is what it feels like to be free."

 "Even in a crowded room baby, it's just me and you."

 "You adored it."

 "No, I don't need permission."

 "Rose-colored glasses all distorted."

 "They don't wear the crown like me."

 "We'd always go into it blindly."

 "I might as well just tell you while I'm drunk."

 "Up in the clouds, far from the crowds."

 "I gave my all and they all know it."

 "Feels so good to dance again."

 "You make the whole room feel slow motion."

 "You may not be the one, but you look like fun."

 "Red lips, french kiss my worries all away."

 "I'm feeling me again."

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