Innovation as a key to business success
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Innovation as a key to business success

Creating a culture of innovation is essential for any company that wants to survive in today's business world

Innovation as a key to business success

This is because innovation is what gives difference and adds value to any process, product or service.

The human plays a key role in the innovation process, only by working as a team is it possible to be aware of the changes and anticipate the competition.

What is to innovate?

Innovating is not the same as devising. The creation and emergence of new invention ideas are important in the innovation process, but by themselves, they lead nowhere. Innovation is the ability to create value from these ideas, is to introduce new ways of doing things to adapt to changes. That is why innovation is based on two main pillars: creativity and work. An innovative culture is able to realize those abstract ideas.

It is not imperative to create new things, the important thing is to create unique things that meet the needs of customers. To create these unique solutions it is necessary to think outside the mold and this process starts from the reorganization of human capital.

Innovation Area

Innovating is first and foremost a way to grow. Among the benefits of innovating is the possibility of improving supply and increasing production, with the consequent increases in demand and the ability to give jobs to more people. To materialize good ideas it is necessary to have a team that can carry out all the parts of the process, this is what is known as the area of innovation.

Creating an innovation division implies being willing to restructure traditional hierarchies. Innovative companies tend towards flexibility in the organization of their teams.

In addition to the above, it is important to create networks with other companies and work in an open culture to collaborate even with those who are part of the competition. You can innovate in all areas of a company; the key is to have a team that provides support so that these changes do not generate a level of disruption that ends up making everyday tasks difficult

How to implement an area of innovation?

The level of complexity of the innovation team will depend on the size of the company. However, there are some basic functions that every innovation team should fulfill:

Capture and detect new invention ideas.

Validate its innovative potential.

Plan innovation projects.

Execute and manage these projects.

In addition, the team must have a work philosophy based on the following principles:

Why it is useful to innovate for the company.

From where they begin to innovate.

Which are the steps to follow?

What is the goal they intend to achieve?

With these objectives and strategies clear, the next stage is to convey this message to the rest of the company. An innovation area will not be really successful if it fails to communicate this paradigm shift.

This is because innovating is not just creating, but rather, encouraging people to work in a new way. The most effective way to convey the benefits of innovating to the rest of the collaborators should consider at least the following steps:

Show progress and achievements.

Inspire through inventor success stories.

Test how innovation creates value.

Risking changing the traditional paradigms and working collaboratively so that good ideas become a contribution to society is undoubtedly a way to achieve success in any company.

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