Have you ever thought to yourself when you were little: "I wish I was older"? I know I said that. I wanted to be older so I could do things on my own like driving or going on the bigger rides at amusement parks and many other things. Now that I am going into my junior year of college I really wish I was a kid again. I am so not ready for becoming an adult and having a full-time job with no time to hang out with friends or doing all the fun things we were able to do while in college.

As a kid, I would look up to my parents and older siblings wishing I could be just like them. We got to go to amusement parks when I was little and I would never get to go on rides with my siblings because I wasn't tall enough. Nobody else in my family was able to go on the kid rides with me usually because they were too big for them. Ever since then I wished to be taller and older. Now I wish I never grew up, or at least didn't grow up too fast.

I'm not even out of college yet and in the real world yet I already do not like being an adult some days. Now I have to work all the time since my parents can't pay for everything for me anymore. I also live in an apartment at school so I need to have money to pay for food and other necessities. To be able to pay for that stuff means I have to work almost every single day of the summer and then work alongside going to classes during the school year. To get through these times, I try to have one day every now and then where I let my child come out and I try not to be too much of an adult.

I love to be able to do things on my own but we all need to let our childness come out so we do not hate our lives. When I want to relax one day, I will watch television shows from my childhood or play games that remind me of being a child. Those games may include card games, board games or even some video/computer games that we used to play and have become less popular nowadays.

You should also try to find a friend who either lets their child side out with you or doesn't mind you letting your child side be free and not ruining it for you. I have found some very close friends who are able to handle me when I need to let myself be a kid some days. I want to keep letting my child side occasionally come out as much as possible before I have a full-time job and a family to look after. Once that happens, then I will hope to be able to have some days of not having too many responsibilities, even if it is only a couple days a year.