6 Of Indy's Most Special Holiday Spectaculars
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6 Of Indy's Most Special Holiday Spectaculars

Yes, surprisingly we do have more to offer than just corn fields and dusty back roads.

6 Of Indy's Most Special Holiday Spectaculars
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Many people bash on Indiana calling us the cornfield state, and say there's nothing to do besides drive down back country roads and have bonfires with your friends. Although yes, we do have more cornfields than the average state, and many people do often drive the back roads while blaring music with their friends, the Indianapolis area is actually also home to many beautiful, scenic, and festive things to do, especially during the holiday season.

Whether you are locals familiar with the area, or are in town visiting family as a tourist, Indy has something new to offer families and people of all ages every year during the Christmas season and these are places everyone should take advantage of.

1. Christmas at the Zoo

Indy hosts this classic holiday tradition every year at the Indianapolis Zoo. If you're looking for a great place to take the whole family out to, I would highly recommend this activity. The lights are beautiful, and the animals are more alive than ever with all their Christmas spirit. As you listen to classic Christmas tunes feel free to sit back, relax, and take the train ride around the facility, or venture around on your own by foot to see more animals up close and personal. Don't forget to snap a pic in front of your favorite lit up animal, and wear your coat and gloves because it can get chilly!

2. Jolly Days Winter Wonderland

Perfect for families with little ones, this winter wonderland at the Indianapolis Children's Museum offers a two-story slide for kids to race down, an opportunity to ice fish, and of course a chance to see the big man Mr. Clause himself! Don't worry parents, although this is a Children's Museum, you can enhance your Christmas imagination as well and race your own kids down the slide to see who's fastest!

3. Carmel Christkindlmarkt

One of the newest Christmas themed sites in the Indy area, Christkindlmarkt is perfect for families and teenagers alike! With an outdoor ice skating rink in the middle of the village, and multiple market shops and restaurants offering snacks and gifts, there's something for everyone at this German tradition inspired market!

4. Circle of Lights

Another one of Indy's greatest and longest traditions is the lighting of the tree along Monument Circle. Located in the heart of the city, this beautiful sight sits 284 feet tall with 4,784 lights running along all sides of the monument. Even if you can't attend the initial lighting of the "tree" on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, don't worry because the tree stays lit the entire holiday season. Feel free to visit it anytime, and don't forget your camera!

5. Holiday Hullabaloo

This one-time event is perfect for art lovers and enthusiasts. Located at the award-winning Indianapolis Art Museum, this event offers live music, free gift wrapping, and a chance to see Paul Gauguin's famous piece of artwork, "Christmas Night, The Blessing of the Oxen." Trunk shows are also displayed by local jewelers and artists, and it's the perfect place to pick up unique gifts for your loved ones!

6. Yuletide Celebration

Something my family and I attend every year is this magical holiday show that offers everyone's favorite traditional Christmas music, as well as new spins to your favorite pop songs. With delicious cookies shaped like Santa, snowmen, and Christmas trees, and interactive characters like Olaf and the Minion's from Despicable Me, you can grab a snack before the show and snap some pictures of your young ones with their favorite animated characters. As well as the wonderful, unbelievable voices of the hosts each year, you also have the chance to witness the famous award-winningIndianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform their favorite Christmas tunes. Something for the whole family to enjoy!

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