Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra Indian Wedding And The Culture

Culturally, Indian Weddings Are Really Important, And Here's How They Are Portrayed In The Media

As an Indian person, I think it's interesting how mainstream American media has interpreted Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's Indian wedding ceremony, as well as the other functions that go along with Indian weddings.


I have been to over five Indian weddings in my life, and each has been such a different but exciting experience. Indian weddings are a culmination of culture, family, love, music, and dance. From the vibrant outfits to the important cultural traditions - Indian weddings embody so much. An interesting element to Indian weddings is that they last more than one day. There are multiple events that lead up to the actual wedding ceremony.

One of these events was most recently highlighted in American media, due to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's highly anticipated wedding. The Sangeet typically occurs the night before the wedding and is an evening full of dance, music, and celebration. It is both an exciting and meaningful way to bring the two families together before the big day.

At Priyanka and Nick's Sangeet, they had a friendly dance competition between the Chopra and Jonas families. For me, it was interesting reading/listening to explanations of a Sangeet from the perspective of an American person. In an interview from TODAY, Joe Jonas was told that his family must've had an advantage during the dance competition (because of their musical background), but this is what he had to say: "I wish we did. The Sangeet is a beautiful Indian tradition. They have the most incredible performers in her family, and a lot of friends and family that are Bollywood stars, so for us to go out there and think that we know what we're doing? They definitely crushed us."

Just from my own personal experiences, Indians definitely do not mess around at weddings. Most of my cousins often end up in the center of a circle, moving along in perfect rhythm to whatever song is playing, whether it be Indian or American. Our Indian dance moves are magnetic and exciting, so I'm glad that more Americans are now able to see that side of my culture.

After their Sangeet, Nick and Priyanka also had a traditional Indian wedding ceremony. The ceremony itself is so symbolic because many important prayers are exchanged between the man and woman, as well as several pivotal actions, which are all done to represent the importance of marriage, and the union of two souls. One of, if not the most important part of an Indian wedding ceremony, are the seven rounds the couple must make around a fire. Each round represents an important ideal in regards to marriage.

For example, in the seventh round: "The couple prays to God for companionship, togetherness, loyalty, and understanding between themselves. They ask God to make them friends and give them the maturity to carry out their friendship for a lifetime." It means a great deal to me, that Nick Jonas participated in a proper Indian wedding ceremony. He and Priyanka are from two very different cultures, but they still found a way to unite as one. The respect he and his family displayed is commendable, and as an Indian, I can't even describe how amazing it is to see the overwhelming amount of respect and curiosity shown from Americans who have reported or written about this wedding. I hope that this will prompt more people to want to learn about the ins and outs of various different cultures.

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The Notre Dame Cathedral–Such A Loss Of History And Beauty, But What A Gift It Was To Experience It

Reid shares her story as she is saddened for Paris and the church.


After the massive fire that devastated large parts of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the 850-year-old cathedral's spire fell. French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the nation to share in the nation's sorrow but gave hope for the future. This includes the rebuilding of the cathedral together and making it more beautiful than ever. "The fire of Notre Dame reminds us that our story never ends. And that we will always have challenges to overcome. What we believe to be indestructible can also be touched," Macron said.

Tyler Reid

Among many others, Tyler Reid is saddened for Paris and the church. Although, she counts herself blessed to have seen it such a short time before it was destroyed. Reid, who was lucky enough to visit the amazing structure this past spring break, remarked:

My trip was filled with so many wonderful sites. Although, because Notre Dame carries the title of most-visited monument in Europe, my expectations were high. When I first walked up, there isn't one specific feeling I got; instead, it was more of a million thoughts running though my head. Once inside, looking at the massive stained glass windows combined with all the details in every crevice, it was hard for me to imagine people actually building this without the technology we have today. This hand crafted masterpiece really is so influential considering people still went there to worship, even after so much time has past and so many other cathedrals had been built. This proves how special the Notre Dame Cathedral really is. Due to my experience here, hearing about the fire hurt my heart, especially thinking about how some of the irreplaceable artworks and all of this history may be gone. This place truly influenced people, including me, and for it to be gone is a true tragedy.

Like Macron, Reid shares in the sorrow; although, for her, it was just from one visit. This proves the amazing impact the Notre Dame Cathedral had and hopefully will continue to have even after this devastation.

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