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Yes, I'm In College And I Still Love All Things Disney

Disney films are meant to appeal to all ages.

Yes, I'm In College And I Still Love All Things Disney

As I'm writing this, the much-anticipated sequel to Disney's The Incredibles is just two days away from release. If you think that I'm not just as excited for this movie as any little kid, you're wrong. In fact, I think the notion that Disney movies are just for kids merely because they're mostly cartoons is ludicrous.

Walt Disney's whole purpose for creating Disneyland in the first place was for children and adults to have something to do together, as opposed to parents just sitting and watching their children play. This idea still stands today, as Disney parks are being marketed to both the young and the young-at-heart. Just like the parks, Disney films are meant to appeal to all ages. I mean, have you heard some of the jokes they manage to slip into those movies? You definitely have to be older to understand those.

Case in point: Earlier this year, I attended a campus screening of Disney's Coco. This was a theater full of college students, and you should have seen some of their reactions to the most intense scenes. They definitely didn't feel like they were too old to spend a Friday night at a "kids movie". That's because Disney movies are way more than just kids movies. They're perfect for the whole family, just as Walt intended them to be.

So if you're just as excited for The Incredibles 2 as I am, but you're worried about looking ridiculous being in a theater with a bunch of little kids, don't worry about it. Besides, those kids weren't even alive when the first movie came out.

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