Remember senior year of high school when you were allowed to have a car on campus? And you could come to school late or leave school early based on your schedule?

How about when you blasted music in your car after leaving school and your responsibilities? I miss that sense of freedom and adultish feeling that I get from leaving campus.

I had my car on campus the other week and I had a fabulous time getting off of campus (as much as I love Fairfield U) simply to pick up some highlighters at the store. I happened to also stop for ice cream at my favorite ice cream shop in town. This was a nice break in my week for the main reason that, being that it is mental health awareness month… it is important to mentally breath and take a break from responsibilities at school and on campus. So… take a break from your homework, friendships and your dorm room and get a grip on life by leaving the college bubble for a bit. Sometimes we are so encapsulated in college life that we forget that there is a world outside of campus (as silly as this sounds).

Loving campus is a great thing but always remember that it's just as important to escape campus life and responsibilities for a bit, once in a while.