Whether you are a politically active or the average Joe or Jane, you have heard about DACA. It stands for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a policy that was enacted by former President Obama's executive order. In this policy, it held that individuals who came to this country under the age of sixteen have the ability to delay deportation. This means they can obtain an education, driver licenses, work legally and most importantly work towards getting their citizenship. The policy was overturned by Donald Trump, putting countless people at risk of deportation.

A great deal of turmoil over DACA and the countless people who benefited from the policy has arisen in the government.

On January 30th, Donald Trump gave the State of the Union Address and he discussed a lot of things including immigration. However, he did not make any reference to DACA, any alternative solutions or his plans for it. Unfortunately, he failed to discuss something that affects numerous people who had no choice when they came to this country. Individuals who love this country and are trying to in any way they can to contribute to the American Economy and Society.

I feel there is too much being said on this issue, and not enough being understood. And what needs to be understood is that this is a necessary policy, because it embodies our American values. DACA calls for the values of equal opportunity. It provides equal opportunity to countless people who are Americans that want to stay in this country and contribute.

If this is left untouched or ignored, then Trump will fail to keep his promise of making American great again.

Simply, because you cannot make this country great when you limit the people and deny them opportunities.

America is a great country because it is a land of opportunity. Taking opportunities away is wrong. It is not right and it is not American. It will not make America great.