The Importance of a Good Support System

In life, there are good days, and there are bad days, and sometimes, there are very bad days. During those very bad days, it can feel like life is falling apart all around you. It can feel like all your energy exited your body/ You feel tired. You feel lethargic. You do not see the meaning in life. I would never wish these very bad days on anyone, not even my worst enemy, but that will not prevent them from happening. During these times, it can be difficult to build ourselves back up, so the best thing to do during these difficult times is to rely on your support system.

Everyone’s support system is different, but it is important to determine who the members of your support system are. The members of your system should be genuine and kind. If there is any questioning their intentions or feelings toward you, they may not be the best members for your support system.

I would say the main person in my support system is my mom. Of all of my family and friends, she is the best one to go to when I am falling apart. She is there as my shoulder to cry on when I need to shed a few tears. She is there for me when I am frustrated and need to vent… which happens A LOT. She is patient and is attentive, even when the conversation gets overwhelming or off topic. Not only that, but she is able to get me to stop and think about what I was saying. She makes me look at things from other people’s perspective. Although she will give me my time, she also takes the time to teach me how to take other people’s thoughts and feelings into consideration. She reminds me that, although life is hard and makes me want to scream, things could be so much. She reminds me to be grateful and accept the good things in my life that I do have, and I am so grateful that she gives me those reminders.

My best friend is also a major part of my support system. She will vent with me, but she’ll also break the tension by cracking a joke and making me laugh. My bestfriend can always put me in a good mood, even when I am feeling cranky. She is not afraid to give me a hug when I cry or do something to make me smile. I am so grateful to have a friend who is willing to put up with me at my worst just to get me back to my best, especially when she has other things that should be her priority.

I am grateful for my coaches who encourage me. Sometimes, I feel like I am not capable, but they remind me that everyone has their bad days. They build me up when I break myself down. I am a perfectionist, so I am constantly getting annoyed with myself, so it is great to have coaches who can give me the occasional reminder that I am, in fact, doing just fine.

It is important to build a strong support system. They are there for you when life gets hard. They make you smile. They make you laugh. They make you feel good about yourself. My best advice to anyone with a beating heart is to find a good support system and thank them every chance you get. They are there for you, so make sure to return the favor any chance you get.

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