Whenever I am stressed whats so ever, I ask my friends to send me pictures that will help me calm down. I am constantly reminded that my friends know me better than I know my self. Please a take a long deep breathe and look at these delightful images that will help bring that stress level down a little bit.

1. Sleeping puppies

I love puppies more than anything in the entire world. Thank you, Cooper, for instantly calming me down with the cutest picture in the entire world.

2. The ocean

A lot of my happiest memories are at the beach so looking at a picture of the ocean will always instantly bring some peace to my life.

3. Khloe Kardashian inspired Oreos

A little nature always calms me down.

4. A dumb joke

A little joke makes me feel better always.

If the pictures don't work: Take a deep breathe and know that it'll all be okay