I'm Over Reusable Straws

Metal, glass, reusable straws are all of the rage right now. I love them, I do. I use a reusable straw every day. But, we need to do more and stop focusing on straws. That is a great first step, but I'm over hearing about them. The problem with plastic still exists and it doesn't begin and end with the demolition of the plastic straw.

The bigger problem with plastic on this Earth isn't the way plastic ends up in our oceans or landfills, it's the way it is produced. The way almost everything comes covered in plastic, the way it emits huge amounts of toxic chemicals when being produced. The demand for plastic straws has gone down a significant amount, but there is still so much out there.

I think we need to focus on producing less plastic instead of trying to round up the vast amounts of loose bits that are already out there. Yes, cleanups are amazing and I support them fully, but the only long term solution to this problem is to stop producing it or at least make your own little contributions to cut back on the demand for plastic.

Things, like using reusable grocery bags, walking more, putting produce in your own canvas bags, buying glass Tupperware, and using reusable waterbottles, will help immensely. If you decrease the demand for plastic, the supply will decrease too. It is so easy in today's world to find biodegradable products and make little changes to help change the whole world. It always feels like your contribution won't make enough difference, but it will.

So, yes, reusable straws are great but I strongly believe we need to move on from this crazy trend of only focusing on them to do more. It will be beneficial for you and your environment if we make more changes. There are so many resources to find good ways to help change the Earth, and one person can make all of the difference, Now let's save the planet! We can do this, one canvas bag at a time.

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