Mom, you are my rock. Without you, I would be completely lost. You have been the person pushing me to succeed since the beginning. In kindergarten, I was the last person in class to learn how to tie my shoes. I would constantly cry, and complain about how I couldn’t tie them - but you were always there helping me along the way. With your assistance, I was able to finally figure out how to tie my shoes. Ever since that day, you have been the person reminding me that if I put my mind to something, I can succeed.

There have been times growing up when I was an absolute brat. I would say mean things, and throw tantrums. But, you still put up with me. You still loved me when I went through my unbearable, pre- teen years. Throughout these years, you were my voice of reason. You were the person picking me up when I was down, and of course, you still are. You were the person who would hold me when my heart was breaking, the person who would wipe my tears when I was crying, and the person who would put my life back together when I felt like it was falling apart.

I’m so sorry for the times you have had to discipline me because I know you didn’t want to. I’m sorry for the times I lied about where I was sleeping, and I’m sorry for sneaking out after my 16th birthday party to drink lokos with my friends. I’m sorry for the times I’ve let you down because I know I’m better than that.

I’ve messed up a lot. I wasn’t a perfect daughter, but you were always a perfect mother - and you still are. Because of you, my life has been shaped so incredibly. I’ve been put on a path to succeed by you, and of course Dad, and now I’m just riding it out. You’ve taught me to love myself. You’ve taught me to laugh at my mistakes, but most importantly learn from them. You’ve taught me to try new things, even if it’s scary. You’ve taught me to stand up for those that need it, and leave those out of my life who no longer deserve a spot in it.

You are the person I call when I get the best news, and you are the person to call when I get the worst news. Although we are living in different states, you still are my go-to girl. You’re still the person I drunk text at 1:00am (sorry if I woke you up all those times). You’re still the person I call when I feel like I’m going crazy. You’re still the person I call when I just need someone to vent to.

Although I’m technically an “adult”, I’m still learning from you everyday. I’ve learned to love margaritas because of you. I’ve learned to kind of cook because of you (even though you’re not that good, and really I’ve mostly learned from Dad). I’ve learned to only love fine wine because of you. I’ve learned that it’s OK to miss a few days at the gym, and going for a walk instead is good too.

Mom, you are my role model. You are my person. You are the light on my darkest days. You are the laughter that makes my stomach hurts. You are the woman I inspire so much to be. You are my best friend. You are my mentor. But most importantly, you are my mother - and I am so thankful for that.