Instead of taking a trip over spring break, I decided to go home and spend some much needed time with my family & friends and it was honestly so enjoyable. School has been chaotic and hectic and a break with nothing to do was perfect.

One day over the break I went and visited a friend who goes to college in Tifton, Georgia. This sweet pal of mine is loves thrifting as much as I do so we always venture out unique little stores all over the place. That's how we decided to spend our day together. I am unashamedly obsessed with thrift shopping. You can honestly find some real gems for so super cheap.

Before our epic day of thrifting began, we first stopped by this great coffee shop because coffee = happiness. Side note, if you're ever in Tifton, stop by Espresso 41. It's an old gas station that was renovated into the cutest little shop and they have the friendliest people with the best atmosphere.

Anyway, after out coffee stop, we went to four different thrift stores. The first one has daily "color sales". Whatever the color for the day is, any item of that color is $1. When we went, the colors were blue & black so all the clothes we got that were blue and black were only a dollar. *cue the happy dance*

2 out of the 4 had brand new clothes from big stores like Target. They buy big cardboard boxes of clothes that either go unsold or get returned then they turn around and sell the items for $2 or $3. One of the stores had around 15 brand new expresso machines for like $50.

The other one we went to had 4 racks of $1 sale items. Like, who could pass up anything for a dollar.

By the end, the most expensive thing I bought was $5 and it was a brand new pair of shoes. Total, I spent $37.85 and got:

2 pair of shoes, 2 sweaters, a cardigan, 3 dresses, 2 skirts, 8 shirts, and 2 pair of shoes.

So big shoutout to Tifton for the best thrift stores and the cutest coffee shops.

If you're ever looking for an adventure, or want to find cool clothes, or just have time to kill, go thrift shopping. It's honestly so fun and you can find some super great suff. And if you ever need someone to tag along, I'm always down.

Happy week after spring break and happy thrifting!!