If You're Ever In Atlanta, Georgia

If You're Ever In Atlanta, Georgia

Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

As sung by the infamous Ray Charles, “Georgia on my mind,” the peach state treated me well as I was on an academic conference. For five days I was lucky enough to spend time in Atlanta, explore the city, and see what it had to offer.

The World of Coke

Although I am not much of a soda drinker, I felt that it was necessary to try the variety of Coke products; when traveling to somewhere new, it’s important to immerse yourself in the culture, which is why I felt that it was important to drink the sparkling beverage.


If you are interested in communication and media, journalism, or broadcasting, this is the place to tour. For about an hour, I learned the history of CNN, took a tour of the entire center, saw eye-grabbing images taken by CNN photojournalists, and saw where the CNN employees work, which is essentially in a room with about one hundred computers. From the looks of it, they are constantly looking for news. When they find enough information, it’s likely it will be discussed on TV. Additionally, I saw where the broadcasters are filmed; the room contained large pieces of equipment such as cameras, microphones, and of course, the green screen! Fun fact about this tour: I went up the longest freestanding escalator- 196 feet long!

Civil Rights Museum

Unfortunately, I was not able to visit the museum because we ran out of time. I know, how could you visit anywhere in the South without going to a civil or human rights museum?? Anyway, I have heard wonderful things about the center, ranging from the art pieces, personal stories, and artifacts. If I am ever in Atlanta again, I will make sure I take a tour.

SkyView Atlanta

Ferris wheels are kinda my thing. So when I saw the ride as I was exploring the city, I knew I had to go on. A group of us went on in the evening, and needless to say, it was breathtaking. With the Centennial Olympic park lit up, the bright buildings, the luminous Bank of America, and the fast-paced nightlife, the ferris wheel gave me the opportunity to view the entire city.

Take An Uber

If you’re traveling in Atlanta, whether that be for work or just for a weekend to get away, it’s likely that you didn’t bring your car. This is where an Uber comes into play. I have taken many Ubers while being at college, but the ten minute car ride I had with my group of friends compared nothing to being back at school. We got to know the driver pretty quickly into the ride. We talked about where we are from and why we were visiting Atlanta. He eventually opened up about himself and later claimed that he is a songwriter. Not just a songwriter, though. A songwriter for Mariah Carey! We were all blown away. As we exchanged goodbyes, we weren’t sure if he was bluffing. We looked up his name, and come to find out, he was the real deal!

Long story short, always take an Uber. Who knows who you’ll encounter in the short car ride.

Cover Image Credit: Ian Schneider

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9 Things That Make Columbus The Best City To Call Home

Because it's impossible to just pick one.

Growing up in a little farm community I never imagined myself ever living in a big city. But, when college rolled around I found myself in an apartment right off High Street in the middle of Ohio State territory. While it was an adjustment for sure, I did find things I loved over time. Here are just some of the best parts of Columbus Ohio.

1. The food

From Cazuelas to Condatos, Sicilia's to Late Night Slice and so much more, you can find anything and everything to eat in Columbus. Pizza, pasta, wings, burgers, and food from around the world, we have it all and it's all delicious. Can't decide what you want? Stop in at the North Market, an indoor international style market, there's a little bit of everything, including the holy grail, Jeni's Ice Cream.

2. The coffee

Starbucks, Dunkin and Tim's aren't the only coffee shops around the city. There's lots of local hole in the wall type coffee shops in just about every few blocks. With strong brews and tasty treats, there's a place for everyone.

3. The nightlife and entertainment

After you've finished your coffee and had your dinner, there's always something to do in Columbus. Casual dive bars and upscale clubs can be found in the same neighborhoods. If drinking isn't your thing there's a plethora of movie theatres, arcades, hookah lounges, sports and more. (I mean come on, it's the home of Buckeye football, what's better than that?)

4. The learning and cultural experiences

Home to libraries, museums, galleries and various conventions throughout the year it's easy to expand your knowledge in the heart of Ohio. One of the most popular will always remain to be Cosi, a hands-on learning center catered to children of all ages, but the adults always have just as much fun.

5. The parks and trails

You'd be amazed at the beautiful views you can find inside a big city, but look no further than the stunning parks inside Columbus and they're there. With miles of bike trails and walking paths, it's an easy way to get in some fresh air and exercise.

6. The festivals, conventions, and events

The Arnold, celebrations of cultures, the All American Quarter Horse Congress, endless festivals all centered around food, and my personal favorite, the Ohio FFA Convention. Seriously, how cool is that? You can just about always find some sort of festival or event going on every weekend all over the city.

7. The concerts

The Bluestone, the Newport, Skully's, Shadowbox Live, Double Happiness and the Basement are just some of the popular music venues or bars always hosting live music. That's not even including the sold out shows played at the Schott, the Celeste Center and Maphre Stadium. Not to mention, we host both Rock On The Range AND Buckeye Country Superfest. Best of both worlds right there.

8. The Ohio State Fair

Hailed by many as one of the best state fairs in the entire country, the Ohio State Fair welcomes thousands of guests through its gates each summer. More than just funnel cakes and carnival games, it's home to agricultural showcases and activities aimed to help teach and inform the public. Participating in at least one livestock event or project judging is almost a right of passage for youth from all over the state. It's one thing I love every year.

9. The Buckeye spirit

This city truly bleeds scarlet and gray. Game days are celebrated like holidays and just about everywhere close enough to campus accepts Buck ID's or offers student discounts. It's never hard to find a place playing some sort of Buckeye athletics, though it may be hard to find a seat. OSU apparel is worn year long and you'll always have your O-H met with an I-0. It truly is a beautiful thing.

Hometeam Properties allows you to choose from more than 130 great homes and apartments to rent in the Ohio State University off-campus area. All homes are newly or recently remodeled with hardwood floors, porches, decks, security systems and much more!

Cover Image Credit: Good Free Photos

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Metro North by Northwest

New York's newest project could benefit commuters but cause more delays

New Yorkers have been complaining about the decline of the subway that serves as the city’s lifeblood. However, New Yorkers need to prepare for the sequel to one of the biggest capital projects since the Second Avenue Subway… East Side Access. This project is going to bring Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Terminal so it can connect with Metro North Railroad as well as the 4, 5, <5>, 6, <6>, 7, and <7> trains.

The overall goal of this project was to allow Long Island Railroad commuters the ability to reach the East Side of Manhattan without the hassle of a bus, shuttle or other difficult transfers. In addition to the new terminal, a new station will be created for the City Terminal Branch line at Sunnyside, which will serve as an addition to the yard as well as the entire system. The beauty of this project is that the tunnels to connect to Manhattan are already built. The Long Island Railroad will be connected through the 63rd street tunnels that the F train uses.

Another level of the tunnels was built but never used so M.T.A. (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) decided they could save some money with this route. Long Island Railroad has had the deal to create new tracks to store any excess trains for the am or pm rush hours. This project is going to bring more people into the city at a much faster rate.

Even though this project has faced several challenges, it is on track for completion after 2020. However, once that is completed New Yorkers have to braces for the sequel to this project… West Side Access.

West Side Access is an upcoming project that will bring M.N.R.R. (Metro North Railroad) to Penn (Pennsylvania) Station with the Long Island Railroad, New Jersey Transit, and Amtrak. One major part of the new extension is a station at Co-op City. Metro North has been planning this station for many years because M.T.A. has been dangling a carrot in front of them for years… an extension of the 6-train line to Co-op City which would allow Metro North riders another way of getting to Manhattan.

One thing that metro north could do is bring the Hudson line on the Amtrak’s West Side Line. The line splits from Metro North on the Spuyten-Duyvil curve after the Riverdale station. This could have been at least a way to test if the line would be a popular service or a long-forgotten idea. So far, the plans for the Co-op City station are set to be an island platform with two tracks and are mainly made for trains running along the New Haven Line.

Along with the station at Co-op City, more stations will be built at Parkchester, Hunts Point, and Morris Park. The 6 train may be getting some new company with this extension and a new station at Co-op City as well. M.T.A. has released an image showing that the Hudson Line will be extended via Amtrak’s West Side Line and will make two new stops as well.

One stop will be called Upper West Side, and the other station will be called W. 125th Street and will continue on to Riverdale station. Now for people on the Harlem line, I am glad to say that the Harlem Line extension will meet up with the Hudson Line. Not much else is known about the extension, but people soon will. West Side Access is still in the developmental phase, and hasn’t been completely worked out, but when it is New Yorker’s are going to have the information they need.

Hopefully, this project has more traction to it than many of the other capital projects that M.T.A has proposed or even done.

Cover Image Credit: Edwin J. Viera

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