If People Were Truly Pro Life They Would Support All Lives
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If People Were Truly 'Pro-Life'...

You're either pro-choice, or anti-abortion.

If People Were Truly 'Pro-Life'...

On May 16th, Alabama passed a near-total ban on abortion, criminalizing women that proceed to have abortions, no matter the circumstances. It is the fifth state to join the four that have passed "Heartbeat Bills," which ban abortions once a heartbeat of the fetus is detected, up to 6 weeks.

With Republican-dominated governments in Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Georgia, this total ban of abortion has been perceived as a win for pro-life conservatives.

As everybody I knew rioted to their Instagram stories to voice their upset about the new ban, I saw a tweet that started to make me think.

It said there was no such thing as being "pro-life," if you were pro-life, you would support all means of support, care, housing and treatment for people of all ages that were robbed of their lives due to extraneous means.

I couldn't have agreed more, seeing the tweet made me feel the need to expand on the Twitter user's thoughts.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would support all ways of protecting the various ways of support that the youth need -- not just ensuring that a fetus is born.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would take a stronger stance on banning assault rifles in the U.S. so a gunman can't walk into an elementary or high school and rob hundreds of students of the rest of their lives.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would take a stronger stance on holding the hundreds of families accountable for making their young kids homeless due to being LGBT.

Nearly 40% of all homeless youth are LGBT kids, with 68% percent of them being homeless due to being kicked out of their homes, according to the Williams Institute at UCLA.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would support these kids and help them get to homeless shelters or services that could help them, their life is being robbed too because they don't have any means of starting their lives.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would take a stronger stance against adoption services that refuse to give children to gay couples, which is not only perfectly illegal but now those children aren't getting the right to live due to bigoted laws.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would support mental health services, and raise money to help fund and enhance these services, as mentally ill people have their lives robbed of them too because mental illness debilitates people from living life to its full potential.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would stand behind lowering adoption costs and creating better adoption services and living conditions for the children that were living in adoptive care.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would campaign for changes in poverty and low-income areas so the children there can receive a quality education, which in today's world is deemed a necessity to survive.

If people were truly "pro-life," they would do everything they can to ensure young minorities of all races, genders and sexual orientations aren't victims of police brutality and violence, so their lives aren't taken away from them.

Most of all, if people were truly "pro-life," they would understand that these laws do not restrict abortions from happening, but force women who choose to no longer carry their child into unsafe, deathly, and illegal underground resources to terminate their pregnancies.

Unlike a 6-week old fetus, all of these people have been born and are living their lives with unfair treatment.

But "pro-life" conservatives aren't actually pro-LIFE are they? They're anti-abortion. If they were pro-LIFE, they would support all the services that give everybody a fair chance at life -- whatever those services may be.

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