If You Have Been Wanting To Change Your Style, Here Are 10 Places To Start
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If You Have Been Wanting To Change Your Style, Here Are 10 Places To Start

"Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them"- Marc Jacobs

unsplash/Lauren Fleischmann

Fashion is something a lot of us love. We all have different styles and can pull off different types of clothing, so why not change it up a bit? If you feel like you are in need of a new wardrobe or want to switch up your outfits, let me try and help you out!


unsplash/Dom Hill

trendy and sporty

Something most people are afraid to try is a sporty look. Sporty looks will look great on any body type and you can definitely rock it with the right pair of shoes like in the picture.




Mismatch is always put in a negative light, but I personally think that fashion isn't all about the clothes. It's the confidence that goes with pulling it off.

The girl in the picture is matching here and there, but you should be able to step out of your comfort zone and try pairing up completely exotic clothes together.

More Basic

unsplash/Ian Dooley

going basic

If you are someone who has stepped out of your comfort zone your whole life, and you are constantly trying something new, maybe this is the perfect time to choose something a bit more subtle. The girl in the picture is wearing some jeans and a black shirt with sunglasses, but looks incredible.

If it suits you, go for it! Even if you feel as if something doesn't suit you, all that matters is whether you like it on yourself or not.


unsplash/Melody Jacob


The model matches her boot laces perfectly with the small detail of the teal roses on her yellow dress. Her bag even matches her boots, but also her dress at the same time and adds a "luxurious" and "powerful" look.

Try something a little complex and experiment with your wardrobe; you might surprise yourself.

Simple yet Sleek

unsplash/Oleg Ivanov

simple but sleek

This is actually incredibly similar to my style. I love turtlenecks and I always pair them up with high waisted jeans, and it will look simple until I add something to make it completely pop such as the jacket shown above. You can add sunglasses, shoes, or wear jewelry.

Trust me, turning something that feels too simple into an outfit that is eye-catching is much easier than it looks.

Now for the Floral

unsplash/Sonnie Hiles


I have an outfit at home almost identical to this one and I find it perfectly balanced between "girly" and not too fancy. One thing that is different for me in this one, is that I actually am not a fan of floral shirts. I've always found it hard to style them, which is why off shoulder can come in handy.

If you wear an off shoulder, fitted top with high waisted blue or black jeans, you might be incredibly pleased with yourself.

Somewhat Tomboy

Unsplash/sobhan joodi


I've always been in love with tomboy looks, but I could never pull them off. I've seen countless people look trendy and confident in every look. Try it out and see if you like it, and if not, you can always go back to some of the other ones.

You can't go wrong with Plaid

unsplash/Daniel Monteiro


If you've worn plaid before, you either loved it on you or hated it. The model in the picture could not have paired her look more perfectly: the gold rings, black nails, boots, and then, of course, the fitted pants.

Plaid is a type of look that has multiple extremes; you can look fancy or casual, it just depends on what you wear to it.


unsplash/Daniel Monteiro


Denim fits very well with shorts, but you can also wear it to jeans. If you had black jeans and a black denim jacket you could wear a black crop top underneath or a white top, it's all up to you.




I won't even hesitate to say that anyone can crush this look. You don't have to go out and buy a new dress just because you saw this picture. You can pair a similar type of top with a similar skirt and if it looks good but doesn't look anything like the picture, that's even better.

Fashion will never be about pleasing someone. Fashion is never about how much money you have to spend so you can buy hundreds of clothes. The one common theme throughout this was: If you can pair the items in your closet together, and you feel confident- not to mention feeling great- then wear it.

There is never a wrong or right when it comes to fashion, especially not if you love your look. So try something new, and own it.

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